Do not Bring These 5 Foods As You Ride the Planes

Do not Bring These 5 Foods As You Ride the – It is understandable if you prepare food when you will spend more than 2 hours in the plane. In addition to saving costs, you can adjust to what you like. But there are things you must remember, on the plane you sit with dozens of people who might be uncomfortable with the smell of food. So you have to be careful when choosing food for you to carry on the plane. Here is quoted from about foods you should not take in the plane:

Chilli seasoning

Indeed, most people really like chili, spices to add spicy flavor is almost always the main ingredient of various foods. Because chili is a spice that must also be combined with other spices when making this food that makes the smell of cuisine with a spicy scent sometimes very disturbing. Therefore, lest you bring food that makes others smell excessive spicy.

Egg salad

Salad is a healthy meal and contains fresh ingredients. Because using the fresh ingredients of the salad is not a durable food. Especially the type of egg salad. You and the person of a plane will smell a very nasty stinging nose.


Same with egg salad, when once you open the yogurt container, make sure you finish it before boarding the plane. Yogurt will produce a bad odor when you do not immediately finish it after the lid is opened.

Onion rings

Onion has a very sharp smell, especially if fried in a long time. When you intend to make an onion ring snack, think of the odor that your food will produce. Especially if you bring it still hot. The smell will be very disturbing to the Ladies. Especially the person sitting near you.

Hot dog

Indeed this type of food does not cause too much odor like food on it. But consider about decency if you bring this junk food into the plane. Perhaps you will be glimpsed by everyone on the plane.Well Ladies remember this is fine yes, do not until you are asked to get off the plane because it makes a scene with the smell of your food.

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