Do not Confess If Had Not Been to the Garden Labyrinth in Bandung. Fit Here Make Update Instagram!

Do not ConfessOnce satisfied with the beauty of the natural panorama that no two, the city of Bandung again gave a surprise for lovers of this flower city. Yeps, surely a new destination is waiting for you to visit. Located in the center of the city, this one is a must-go destination. Especially for you who like to hunt places that are instagramable to immortalized. Curious?

Park Labyrinth in City Hall Bandung so attracted the attention of tourists. It's really good for you who want selfie with my friends

If you play around in the city center, do not just photographs in the satenya building or go to the square to relax on the green stretch aja ya. Because now there are new destinations in the city of Bandung beloved ya. Park Labyrinth in this City Hall should enter your list ya when it is set foot in this flower city. When else can you relax while capturing the moment in this unique place.

Formerly this place is known as the Merpati Park, but already renovated let the more interesting

Previously, this labyrinth garden is known as Taman Merpati. The environment is full of green plants and beautiful flowers are then renovated better and formed into a labyrinth. This park is intentionally set up like that so visitors can walk down the road in the middle of green plants so they can enjoy the beauty of the park directly from four sides at once. Especially with the big trees that overshadow the park, make you feel calm.

A new destination in the middle of this city is known directly to the Mayor. So more and more curious to go there

Start diburunya one of the new destinations in the city of Bandung is emang not apart from the Mayor, Ridwan Kamil. As if to know the needs of today's society, he also participated campaigning one of the green parks in the center of this city of Bandung. Through Instagramnya account, Ridwan Kamil upload a photo with quote Taman Labyrinth in Bandung City Hall. Of course this is a breath of fresh air for 4.1 million followers to make a new destination if you want to visit. Salut deh same Bandung!

Green space emang began to be a mainstay of Bandung city to be developed. In addition to making your feelings relaxed and calm, these gardens also contribute to reforestation

The presence of this labyrinth garden would also be proof that the city of Bandung is also serious with the development of green open spaces. If usually the city of Bandung famous fashionable with a fashionable lifestyle, then slowly Bandung will also be popular with green open space that is everywhere. After Pet Park, Singles Park, Superhero Park to Park Square, sure deh Park Labyrinth also immortal become your favorite green open space in Bandung!

So if you have not decided to go where this weekend, would like to invite your friends to visit new destinations in this city that always make this year!

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