Do not do it! 10 Trivial It Can Make Your Computer Hate the Same

Do not do it! 10 Trivial It Can Make Your Computer Hate the SameA computer device whether PC or laptop is one of the most important tools you use everyday. Although the presence of smartphones with various advanced features now slowly began to replace the existence of the computer, but this one is still a mainstay, especially for heavy work such as making thesis or office tasks.

Unfortunately, our behavior as a computer user sometimes likes it casually. We often complain about the slow computer performance without realizing that it is caused by our own behavior. Many things that we consider trivial in fact be the cause of your computer slow and damaged. Here's Jaka review the ten trivial things that make the computer hate you.

10 Trivial Things That Can Make Your Computer Hate the Same

1. Never Update Software

You often really complain about the performance of computers that increasingly slowly slow, but you ignore the offer to update the software on a regular basis within a certain period. In fact, updating the software can improve overall computer performance and fix various bugs.

2. Dust Pellet that Never Cleaned

This may sound trivial and not technical. However, the cleanliness of a device was influential on the performance itself you know. Keep in mind, dust and electronics are not two things that can co-exist. So if you want your computing device to last and rarely have problems, be diligent to clean it from dust.

3. Download Sembaha

Internet does offer many things to download alias download. The tendency of computer users, especially millennial generations to download anything they want without being alert to the source where they download is often a problem. Various types of viruses and malware that increasingly sophisticated course will be very easy to threaten your computer.

4. Keep lots of 'Trash' on your Hard Drive

The capacity of a large hard drive does not hurt to be used to store many files such as photos and videos from our small to adult, or thousands of favorite songs. However, files that are too many and actually not important will potentially be 'garbage' because in fact the space can be used for some features like System Restore and Hibernate.5. Many Applications Run At Startup

You are the type who wants everything completely automated, including by setting many applications and programs that run automatically at startup alias the computer is turned on. No doubt, this one thing is very 'torture' your computer and of course make its performance so slow.

6. Never Turn Off Computer

You belong to an active type and often use a computer? Many types like this are rarely really, even almost never turn off the computer because it will continue to be used in the near future. In fact, the computer is turned off or at least on the restart will clean up some RAM space and of course mengistirahtkan computer as a whole for more fresh use later.

7. Not Want to Fix Computer Problems

Often see notifications or warnings about problems or issues that exist on your computer, but instead ignore it and continue the activity? It certainly becomes one of the factors causing the computer decreased performance. In addition you should fix the problem on the software, hardware problems also need to be considered. RAM chips or hard drives that are outdated do not hurt to be replaced by a new computer performance to be more awake.

8. Unsupported WiFi Connection

Free internet is always tempting. Wherever you are, especially in public places, of course the free WiFi signal is one of the facilities you are looking for. Stay alert, great hacker skills nowadays make them able to use WiFi in public place to steal data or infiltrate malware to your device. So do not carelessly plug in your device with free WiFi.

9. System Security of Origin

You do not want important data or files on your computer stolen, but you do not pay attention to security issues on your computer. For example in using a password or password. Passwords are made at random with the pretext not want complicated (eg: 123456) is very prone to hacking. If you type like that, fix the security level of your computer.

10. Setia Sama OS JadulYou lovers of classic and retro stuff, then apply it also to your computer device? Very wrong! Suppose you are comfortable using Windows XP and continue to use it until the era where there is already Windows 10, then it can reduce the performance of your computer. The company itself, in this case Microsoft, recommend to update as much as possible OS that has been old school.

The final word

That's ten trivial things that can make a computer hate you. With a declining performance, of course the computer can no longer rely on your activities or heavy work nan important. From now on, Jaka advise to avoid the ten things above ya.

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