Do not Dream to Raja Ampat If You Do not Have This Card

Do not Dream to Raja Ampat If You Do not Have This CardDo you have any ideals to Raja Ampat? You want to dive and enjoy the natural scenery of Raja Ampat? Be patient first. Dreams and dreams you can endure if you do not have this card? What card is that?

The Raja Ampat District Government through Raja Ampat Tourism Office will work with Bank Negara Indonesia to create an Environmental Services Card Application for every tourist who wishes to visit Raja Ampat. The application of the Environmental Services Card that was initiated is actually the same as what was done previously about the tourist entry permit to Raja Ampat.

It's just in the future every tourist who to Raja Ampat must have Environmental Services Card at the same price where local tourists of Rp. 500.000 while Abroad Travelers Rp. 1,000,000 per one year visit.

"This cooperation is to help tourists to easily pay environmental services or entrance fees to Raja Ampat.Through this application anyone access and pay regular environmental services to get into Raja Ampat.And later on tourists will be given Environmental Services Card to enter the tour to Raja Ampat, "said Raja Ampat Tourism Office Head, Yusdi Lamateggo, S.Pi, M.Si when he chaired the Socialization Meeting of Bank Negara Indonesia. About the Plan of Implementation of the rate of entry of Raja Ampat-based Electronic Tour through Application Card Environmental Services that took place in the Hall of the Raja Ampat Regent, recently.

The same thing was conveyed by the Chairman of Bank Negara Indonesia Branch Sorong who attended the meeting. He explains the principle of this application only helps the development of Raja Ampat tourism. So that tourists will be very easy to visit Raja Ampat.

"For a while this Environmental Services Card is only specifically for tourism entry to Raja Ampat, later juka likelihood will be developed other interests," he said.

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