Do not Ever Say To Pare If Not Cobain This Culinary

Do not Ever Say To Pare If Not Cobain This CulinaryOut there, Pare is famous as the only city famous for its mushrooming foreign language education. The most are indeed English. But it should be admitted also that other courses such as French, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin are also in Pare.

Even the boarding school and the place of the Qur'an memorizers and the youthful arabic book learner also exist in Pare. Education that stood in Pare, has its own way in attracting many students from Sabang Merauke and even abroad come to Pare with the aim of learning.

No wonder if Pare is called a city of credible education and a city of memories. Udah a lot of proof, just try to ask your friend who ever been to Pare, in Pare fun huh? Definitely say yes. Instead telling the pengen back to Pare. What kind of memories are you going to get in Pare? Many.

Do not be surprised, if you come and stay in Pare, you might even think, Pare this city of education, what is the city of tourism or culinary city anyway? Every corner, every side of the highway, or alley that is still inside the Kampung UK, many perch stalls, cafes, or street vendors. The average provides a tasty and varied meal at a price that does not bite the contents of the classroom pockets.

When you are nomadic to a place, the first thing you will think about is where to rest, what transportation will take you to where you are going and what kind of food intake can make you survive in a new place. How do you really survive language guys ya guys? And just when you're in Pare all the things you think about, it does not need to be preached. Pare is a haven of education, tourism and culinary. Full package city is here. Ngomongin about culinary ya, surely you wonder what is the typical food of this Kampung Inggris? And from time to time, the meal you will remember when you come home from Kampung Ingris is Tansu. Because tansu gives a million memories. Do you know what tansu is?

Tansu is short for Ketan Susu. This spectacular food in the city of Pare is available in many places. But the most popular and widely visited by many students from various courses in Pare is Warket (Warung Ketan) Amik's mother. This popular sticky stick in Pare, located on Jl. Pancawarna, Pare East Java. Not as luxurious as other expensive cafes.

Warket Ibu Amik looks simple but gives a sense of comfort and memories that must be attached if you try it with your friends. Imagine, the atmosphere is still beautiful, natural and cool feel attached when you kongkow with your friends. Sticky rice stalls that look like this ordinary house, located on the side of the road filled with views of the surrounding rice fields. For students who are mostly from urban areas, Amik buffets are a perfect place for them to get rid of the tiredness of the urban bustle.

In the past, Wark bu Amik only provided a place to relax on the front porch for customers who come to enjoy the tansu they ordered. But now, the front porch is not enough to be a solution to the coming of the coming customers. Overflowing customers who come in groups with their friends to relax in tansu, now you can see not only on the front porch of the tansu warket. Jejeran man penetrated to the side of the warket and even the back of the warket. No wonder if per day, wikis bu Amik can spend sticky rice until approximately 40 kilos. Wow, Amik bu buik this has a secret what ya, can make customers curious to come and miss to come back after trying tansu bu Amik?

There seems to be no special secret. Only the appearance of sticky rice cooked in such a way, then given a topping of milk powder or soybean according to your taste each and accompanied by a glass of sweet milk with a price that can be spelled out special. 3000 rupiah only, you can enjoy the sweet ketan and sweet milk will melt on your tongue. What makes it all special is the comfortable atmosphere and the memories you create with your friends that make you miss the buffalo Amik.

Because the atmosphere that makes the camp home forgot and fun to put together a new story with your friends, this kenagan make you not exactly legitimate to Pare, if you have not come to Warket Tansu Ibu Amik.

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