Do not (More) Bugil Through Video Call

Do not (More) Bugil Through Video CallHave you ever been naked while using the video call facility? For those who have never, do not try to start it. Being, for ever or even a hobby, should stop starting from now! And, do not use any video call facility through any account, be it Skype, Yahoo Massanger, Google, or any other as a virtual lust dealer!

Is not that an account's user right to do anything with its features? Besides nudity via video call is not recorded, what else is disseminated. Moreover, there is no prohibition of removing all our clothes when the video call. So, what's the problem?

The problem is, after the defection of Edward Snowden uncovered secret documents about the National Security Agency's (NSA) efforts to monitor electronic relations. In two secret documents, the Mastering the Internet and the Global Telecoms Exploitation that Snowden leaked to the Guardian revealed two US-run monitoring programs. The first is a telephone monitoring program of hundreds of millions of Americans every day, in order to create a database to see if any suspected terrorists abroad are contacting people in America.

The second PRISM name allows the NSA and the FBI to directly tap into nine American Internet networks to collect data about the use of the electronic channel, including tapping audio, video, photos and email, and to find out what information people are searching for. The aim is to look for suspicious activities that come from abroad. Through PRISM program is most likely video call internet users in Indonesia tapped.

In July 2012, nine months after Microsoft bought Skype, the NSA proudly mentions it has been able to increase the number of videos they can access via Skype through the PRISM program. The materials obtained from the PRISM program are routinely accessed by the FBI and the CIA. And in June the Guardian reported that the NSA claims to have direct access through the Prism program on major Internet companies including Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

One of the spy program's abilities is to decode communication codes. Each communication content will be analyzed. When spoken words say vitamins, camels, dates, and jihad, the American spy machine will analyze it as a request for some money to pay for CSW services.

Surely we will think who we are until the NSA records our naked video, let alone save the file. Maybe we are now nobody. We are not officials, let alone strategic stakeholders. But, who knows that in the future strategic positions that we will pangku also. Or it could be our child who will hold him. And by using that nude video tape the Americans will blackmail us to obey his will.

However, not only PRISM program that makes us stop naked via video call, it turns out there is a trojan named Peskyspy capable of recording voice calls and save it in the form of MP3 files.

The MP3 file is then sent via the Internet to a predefined server where the attacker can listen to the recorded conversations. Because the call is MP3, the file size is not large and the transfer load is low.

According to Symantec, currently the risk of this Trojan threat is still low. But since this code is freely available, Symantec says that malware authors could have used it as part of their surveillance package.

Well, with ease tapping of our virtual communication, whether we still want or repeat naked via video call.

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