Do not Use Smartphone at Gas Station, Why Yes

Do not Use Smartphone at Gas Station, Why YesWhen you stop at a gas station or gas station to refuel your vehicle, you will find some restrictions. Some restrictions are prohibited from smoking, prohibited photographing, and using a mobile phone or smartphone.

Why can not I use a smartphone at a gas station? Let me not curious, here Jaka outlines the reasons why should not use smartphones at the gas station.

Reasons Not to Use Smartphones at the Gas Station

Regarding smoking bans or lighting a fire at the gas station it is clear why, because fire can indeed trigger a fire. But why can not use mobile phone huh? It turns out this is the reason why gas stations become a forbidden place for smartphones.

The Dangers of Using Smartphones at the Gas Station

As a means of communication, smartphones or mobile phones capable of issuing high frequency. Dab this high frequency can trigger spark sparks you know. But do you know which part of the smartphone is dangerous when at the gas station?

Investigate a calibaration, which makes a smartphone or mobile phone is prohibited to use in gas stations are LED lights. LEDs used to expose light on the smartphone apparently different from that used by other electronic components. The difference is that the LED on the HP is 'naked' aka its diode filament is able to make direct contact with free air.

When the smartphone LED is on, sparks will appear. Well, this spark spark that will trigger a fire at the gas station. Although the flower is small, but in a gas station filled with gasoline (benzene C4H8O12) in the open air, sparks are very sensitive to trigger fires and explosions.

Do not believe that using a smartphone at the gas station triggered an explosion? Try to see the video experiment when turning on the phone near the following gasoline:

Let me be sure, see also the video explosion that occurred due to the use of mobile phones in gas stations:

How, now convinced that if using a mobile phone at the gas station is dangerous? So, from now on do not underestimate the prohibition of the use of smartphones at the gas station huh!

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