Doctor Lety Killed Husband Shot. This is a fact that we already know about the events of Nahas in East Jakarta

Doctor Lety Killed

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Love is famous to make people blind. Although the phrase is often full of romantic meaning, but when it comes to brutality like a case that has just happened to a doctor in East Jakarta, maybe too much love is really dangerous. Sampa – to make people desperate to act criminal. As reported by Kompas, doctors Lety Sultri died pathetic after being shot by 6 bullets by her own husband, Helmi, on Thursday (9/11) then.

All that is done the husband who also works as a doctor, because they do not want to be divorced by the victim. Even before this tragedy peaked, Helmi reportedly often do violence against his wife. Behind the sad story of doctor Lety, we are even more skeptical about gun ownership and domestic violence cases that have happened so often. The case of shooting husband against wife is not the first time this happened, even with the misuse of firearms. Let's discuss with the facts we already know about this event. Check out the following Hipwee News & Feature description deh!

Starting from a case of domestic violence and divorce, Lety's doctor was fired up to 6 times in his own office

Husband and wife relationship is less harmonious between doctors Lety and Helmi doctors is the trigger of such nahas events. According to Kompas report above, it was not the first time Lety doctor got violence from her husband. Doctor Helmi he once reported to the police for violating him. However, the case was not resumed because the person concerned had revoked his report. However, Helmi doctors back acting with violence to his wife and threatened to kill if he was divorced.

It turned out that the threat he took when the doctor Lety sued for divorce her husband. At 2 pm (9/11) yesterday, Helmi's doctor went to the clinic where Lety's doctor was working. There was a bickering between the two, shortly thereafter sounded a streak of 6 times. The perpetrator then escaped leaving the scene.

Helmi's doctor has now surrendered to the police and hands over two firearms he used to kill

After killing his wife, no one knows where the doctor Helmi went. Apparently he actually went to the Polda Metro Jaya and surrendered. He claimed to have killed his wife's life, the police also found two firearms brought along and doctors Helmi. The firearm is an assembled weapon that is of course illegal possession. While Lety doctors after being shot at was critical and rushed in hospital, but his life could not be helped.

A similar case has also occurred recently. Still remember how BNN employees also died shot her own husband, whether the case of domestic violence in Indonesia is as serious as this?

It is still fresh in our minds about the case of Indria Kameswari, a BNN employee who was also shot dead by her own husband. Sadly, their baby also witnessed how the father had the heart to kill his own mother. The killings were triggered by economic problems in the household. Two days later, Indria's husband was arrested by the police.

Domestic violence in Indonesia is high. Not kidding, reported by the BBC, Komnas Perempuan Indonesia reported there were at least 259,150 cases of violence against women throughout 2016 which was united from the Religious Courts. Sebebsar 94% of the amount is domestic violence. Most cases of domestic violence report led to a divorce, this right is also not langusng make divorce rate in Indonesia is increasing. Lack of knowledge about marriage artifacts, early marriage, and economic problems is the motive that most trigger the occurrence of domestic violence.

Not just about domestic violence, about the misuse of firearms also make people more unsafeIn contrast to America where civilians are allowed to own firearms, in Indonesia the possession of firearms is closely watched and should not be owned by just anyone. Broadly speaking, the possession of firearms in Indonesia is only valid owned by 4 groups of private officials or banks, the ranks of the TNI / Police, Perbakin Members, and the people who pass the gun possession test in Polda and approved by the Police Headquarters. Not only that, there are strict rules and the provisions are also regulated by many state regulations such as Law, Presidential Decree, Permenhan, until the Police Chief and Kapolri Decree.

This means that if firearms owned by the shooters, both doctors Helmi, Indria's husband, until the criminals are still wandering is a homemade weapon. Of course its ownership is illegal. But this is getting worse because there are so many who now have illegal firearms and used to threaten the lives of others. People are increasingly insecure because they can be threatened at any moment.

The sad case that killed a doctor in East Jakarta was indeed capable of slicing many people's days. But beyond that, we need to prevent similar events from happening. Starting from domestic violence, to the circulation of firearms. If this is the role of government and non-government organizations must work together and solve the solution.

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