Does Jakarta Need Learning From New York City

Does Jakarta Need Learning From New York CityPlurality of Population and Civilization of New York as a Learning of Jakarta

[/ caption] New York is the largest city in the United States. The city's width is double the second largest city, Los Angeles (LA). In addition, New York has become the most populous city and is inhabited by almost half (40%) by immigrants, coming from various nationalities and ethnicities. New York City is home to no fewer than 8 million people. The entire state of New York has a population of over 20 million.

There are several parts of this New York city that make this place termed Melting Pot, a form of depiction of how dense and diverse the city is. What about language? Amazing. About 800 languages ??are spoken and used in New York, making it one of the most diverse languages ??in the world. Although of course English is still the main language there, the second most used language (second official language) is Spanish. Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French are also widely used. So how are you Bahasa Indonesia? Do not be surprised, for some apartement and housing sites, and shops in China Town or Queens area for example, you can hear the conversations in Indonesian, Eh, where the coffee shop around here well. Asked a New York resident from Surabaya. Oh, you are from Indonesia anyway? … I am from Manado So, it turns out there is also a scope keIndonesiaan who have contributed menyemaraki kemajemukannya New York. At least, if the highlight of the satellite, the nose of Indonesia keihndonesiaan still appear in the middle of the density of New York.

The development of the population in New York does look quite drastic. Just look at their statistics, the population in 1990 was about 7 million people, just 10 years later (2010) has increased by 1 million people to more than 8 million people. This exponential increase of population certainly increases the density of the most expensive cities in the world. New York is a multiethnic and multicultural city. Almost 40% of the population is a collection of migrants. Making this city as one of the few cities in America inhabited by the largest migrants. In the appeal of other cities in America, New York perched at number one as the city with the largest number of immigrants. The Newcomers who dominate New York are coming from China, Jamaica, Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, Haiti, and many more. Religious Life in New York Then what about religious diversity in New York? According to statistics in the New York Department of Population, it is clear that the number of Muslim population in the United States has risen sharply in the last decade. The number of Muslims in Uncle Sam's country even outstripped the number of Jewish expansions for the first time in much of the Midwest. I myself have lived on the West Coast and East Coast. New York has the mosque with the highest number compared to other cities in America that is about 250-Mesjid, California followed in second place with 240-mosque. One of the authors of the study of Islam in America who is also a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky, Ihsan Bagby, as published in said that the Muslim community in America to grow in a healthy, vibrant, and increasingly united to become part of America . Well, in my observations there is one mosque in New York which seems to be a favorite place for the migrants from Indonesia, the Al-Hikmah Mosque. Last month there was a bazaar from the Indonesian Islamic Community of Al-Hikmah Mosque, the announcement sounds like this Visit Al-Hikmah's Mosque Tent near the rear section of the lot for our Irresistibly Delicious & Famous Gado-Gado, made on the spot by our Sisters. There are gado-gadonya lho.enak of course! Still according to the same survey, it turns out there are about 50 percent of mosque leaders surveyed say that they take a flexible approach to the Qur'an and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad by certainly considering modern life. The point here is of course also because of the super modern life and the compound of New York. After the events of September 11, the mosque encourages more active interaction with other religions in America. Although there is a tightening of every newcomer and against Muslims who want to enter the United States, but for the American internal circle closer to Islam and other religions actually increasing. I watched it openly in New York City. The barriers have gradually unraveled. The real and wonderful experience of interacting between Muslims with other interfaith groups really builds sympathy and empathy with people

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