Doing good to others can reduce depression

Doing good to others can reduce depression"You mean a lot to me, in a way I can not explain, you mean to me, and you, you are so charming … you and all the things in you."

The above sentence is a quotation letter written by Hannah Brencher to ease her depression and fear. It may sound strange, write a letter to a stranger we do not even know. But this is a powerful way to relieve the sense of depression felt Hannah after college.

Love letters are placed in public places to be found by foreigners. Hannah confessed by writing a letter to a stranger she can reduce her sadness and loneliness, as reported by the BBC (23/03).

Things Hannah did, and the movement More Love Letter that do show the benefits of doing good to others. A study in the journal Emotion also admits this. This study shows that doing good work for others can help depressed people and worry about being more positive.

Dr. Lynn Alden and Dr. Jennifer Trew from the University of British Columbia who conducted this research asked the study participants to perform some good acts for others for two days a week, for four consecutive weeks.

"Sometimes they give small gifts to others, pick up other people from work, visit sick people, or thank the bus driver, all of them are just small things and can be done easily," said Dr Alden.

Although they only do small things, but it proved that the impact of this is very large. People who do good to others are suspected of having lower levels of stress and depression. They can also cope with the depression, anxiety, and fear they feel. [kun]

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