Donald Trump Wants to Build a Luxury Playground on the Slope of Mount Gede. Environmental Activists are Protest!

Donald Trump Wants

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Donald Trump. This name is very synonymous with controversy and synonymous with racism. Not enough with all the hubbub he created, ranging from banning Muslims (5 countries) from entering the United States to missile shells to Syria, there are now more potential problems from him. Unfortunately, Indonesia was the one who got the sap this time.

No, it is not a missile fired in Indonesia. But the construction of mega projects to be built in the green area of ??this republic. The impact is the same with Syria, the environment can be damaged and decreased quality. Here's the review

Donald Trump will build 2 mega projects in Indonesia. In addition to golf courses, he will build luxury resorts and playgrounds on an international scale, such as Disneyland

Reported from the environmental website Inertia, Donald Trump in cooperation with MNC Corporation leader Hary Tanoesoedibyo will build 2 mega projects in Indonesia. The project will take the form of luxury resorts and an 18-hole golf course. In addition, he will also build a Disneyland equivalent park in Lido, West Java. This area is a green area that should be water absorption because of its location which is at the foot of Mount Gede.

MNC Corporation will turn a 3,000-hectare Lido green area into a magnificent resort with a Disneyland theme park in it. Crazy, 3,000 hectares is the same 3,000 Gaes football pitch! It's so big right? And the bad news, Lido is not far from the conservation area of ??Gede Pangrango National Park.

The area around Lido is a water catchment area that keeps the circulation of clean water in the ground. What happens when a mega project is built there?

The possibility of no obvious damage is impossible. The absence of environmental damage and changes in animal behavior is clearly impossible, explains Elan Juanda, environmental activist.

This is natural so the concern for many parties, especially environmental activists. Gede Pangrango National Park area so the habitat of more than 2,000 species of plants ranging from ferns, mosses to flowering plants. It is also home to more than 250 species of endangered Javanese, siamang and leopard birds. But the most worrying thing is the problem of water use. Mega resorts with condominum, villas, golf, to the Disneyland playground class will certainly siphon water on a large scale. Though clean water from Gede Pangrango mountain area is water supply for West Java and capital city of Jakarta. Such land use conflicts, such as land use change, will result in a crisis of clean water and the most severe flooding that afflicts the area below it.

Here is a video explaining the plans for mega project development and the future impact it will generate

Trump Community Threatens Biodiversity in Indonesia

"You can open your business, but you have to respect your neighbors." The Trump Organization is building an eyesore of a resort in Indonesia and would not you know, it's threatening the environment:Fusion 201742

The video reveals the ambitions of MNC and Trump Hotel to create a playground and super luxury resort in Indonesia. By funding, they are their network of capital is indeed without limit. However, no matter how much their capital, environmental damage should be a concern when building a project, especially mega projects. The impact of the environment should be reviewed and minimized the damage, let alone located just below the foot of Mount Gede.

MNC and Trump do not stop until at Lido. In Bali, they will also build a world class resort in Tanah Lot. Evidence that the Trump-MNC partnership will sooner or later dominate the world of property and tourism in Indonesia. Indeed tourism has two sides of the coin. Some build, then some are affected by development and become damaged. Depending on which one chooses, the priority ecology or the commanding economy. For MNC and Trump, the economy is clearly the main one.

When the last fish has been caught

When the last tree has been felled

When the last drops of water have been sucked

Then man will realize that he can not eat money

We who travel only with this mediocre budget may not be able to do anything other than voiced that maintaining the quality of our nature is the main thing. The magnificent playgrounds, the luxury hotels, will be in vain if 10-20 years into the future there is no water left, except tears.

Sincerely sincere.

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