Doomsday is coming

Doomsday is comingI assume that and humans can not avoid it.

This is not a practice of a Christian Zeugen Jehovah Sektet Christian, or Mormone who always scare the human race with the coming of the Doomsday or the Fanatic of the Islamic Groups who regard the Resurrection as the punishment of Allah because man has been very sinful.

This is not the thoughts or opinions of a religious person but based on the facts that occur on this earth.

I'm talking about climate change caused by temperature increase.

As a result of the increasing temperature of the earth, among others, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, shift zones, zonavegetasidanhabitat, the occurrence of very heavy rainfall, the emergence of extreme weather, floods, drought, spreading parasites and pentacrophins.

You can imagine what would happen if the temperature rises steadily not overcome

In the small islands of southern Pacific for example Tokelau Islands have begun to sink (News Fachtagung 2010 Bremenhafen).

At the end of this end there have been many major natural disasters such as the Tsunami, floods, large Tofan winds, lands or avalanches, heat waves, droughts and fires.


Climate change has been scientifically proven, a process that does not stop.

Why I predict that. The reason is not the punishment of God because of the morality of human bejad (eg what happens with migrant workers in Arab or in the west of Free Sex) but due to our own human actions that do not want to realize the climate in this world.So humans themselves are the direct cause of the Doomsday.

Climate scientists suggest that this earth's temperature will rise steadily, if we all human beings do not act to stop or reduce the cause of the rise in the earth's temperature that is CO2 gaseous gases, Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Methane (CH4), halogenated fluorocarbons (H -FKW / HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFC / PFC) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

Nevertheless, until now the state of the world has not wanted to form a resolution with a binding treaty to tackle climate change.

It means not aware of what process is running on this earth.

Apparently there is no agreement this is due to differences in the interests of each country and each country more concerned with the state itself.

With the recent World Economic Crisis all countries are more concerned with the Economic Problem than to think about climate change with all its consequences.

Factory factories mainly industrial countries produce a lot of C2-containing smoke gas, as well as more and more Car Cars, especially those not using Catalysts., Also use, halogenated fluorocarbons (H-FKW / HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFC / PFC ) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) in the industry are not prohibited.

The industrialized countries are trying not to lower Industrial Production in order to reduce CO2 gross gas instead of supporting the country to raise Industrial Production for Economy means to increase the production of CO2 gases.

Criticism is primarily addressed to USA, Canada, Australia, China and India and Russia.

1. USA, Canada; Australia's high standard of living but its vast country, not feeling threatened by the effects of climate change, this country justifies a dangerous climate change but does not seriously advocate, is unwilling in its industry to reduce CO2 emissions.

2. China, India A country whose industry is expanding towards a large industrialized country, has a big ambition to become a leading industrial country and World Power in the world economy. Climate change is equally unconcerned.3. Russia's vast country seems to have nothing to do with world climate change.

While the country of Indonesia, Brazil, which many forests, but the economic situation is not high enough, there are still many poor people, more concerned with the state of the country's economy so that the population does not starve.

The process, called the Kyoto-Japan Protocol of December 11, 1997, of the Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) with the objective of climate protection in which the date of 16 February 2005 is completed (as some countries previously refused to sign) is beyond doubt.

Congress to the recently completed World Climate in Cancun (Mexiko) states to endure climate change by providing money of 100 M US Dollars to help forest forests to wake up. But it has not yet determined which countries should bear this cost or not yet determined how big money allowances for each country.This is what will usually cause failure again, because each country if it can not pay or maybe a little.

Therefore do not be surprised if Doomsday will come that is because humans do not want to realize how important the effort to protect the world Climate.

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