Download Download! It’s 18 Best Games of the Year 2017

Download Download! It's 18 Best Games of the Year 2017

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Android already has a myriad of countless games, and every month always releases the latest games. To find out which one is best is quite difficult. Here is the list of best games released throughout 2017!

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It's 18 Best Games of the Year 2017

1. WarFriends

WarFriends takes the essence of this type of shooting game or shooter with a little element of strategy in it. Similar to Point Blank but graphics and cute characters. Your job at Warfriends is killing other players either alone or team.

You can upgrade weapons, characters and squads as well. So many things you can try in this game, the key is patient. The game was released by the company that created Micro Machines, Chillingo.

2. Froggy Ribbit: Outrun the Chef

If Warfriends offers speed in playing then Froggy Ribbit can you play with a flexible and selow. How to play it is so easy you just have to control your character (frog) to survive the attack of a cook cook who wants to kill you.

Although simple but the graphics and sound into excellence with the task must be escaped from the daput. Like the game Minions only. This game is available for free and there is a premium service as well.

3. Golf Clash

Like any other golf game, the player's goal is to insert the ball in the hole. But unlike the others, each game consists of only one hole and the player is in direct combat mode against other fighters. If you win you will take home some extra coins, which are used to enter the competition.4. Spinki Ninja

Created by the creator of Flappy Bird, this game consists of 6 challenges that you must face as a ninja. Of course with similar pixel graphics with Flappy Bird game. The core of this game you must be able to survive against any kind of challenge! You will also face enormous enemies.

5. Rolling Snail

This game is seen as a simple type of puzzle game but that does not mean easy to play. The core of this game, you as a snail must be able to pass through various obstacles, namely crossing a broken path. You have to draw a rope to help the snail.

6. Rival Gears Racing

This game is a spin on racing games that will bring you nostalgic back to the early 90s when ever played Wipeout, and anyone will surely enjoy this high-energy hover racing game. How to drive is very easy. Just use the arrows to change the path, and hit the boost button when it appears.

7. Super Mario Run

Initial release of this game is only available for iOS users but April 2017 Android version officially launched in the Google Play Store. This game is very simple like Mario games in general. Players just push backward and jump over obstacles. Free version can only be played up to a certain level and if you want to continue must pay $ 9.99.

8. N.O.V.A Legacy

There are two things that can make you love this game: first, you like the type of game shoot and second, you like the science fiction theme. This game will put the player as a Hero in charge of defeating the evil aliens inside the spacecraft.

Happy PortionsHappy Portions is a game that has the same concept as tic tac toe with little change and surprise. Two twins made this game while visiting the restaurant. The first thing to change, which is nine boxes divided into several parts: two, three or eight, depending on the level of difficulty that players are looking for.

When it's your turn, you mark one of these areas in your color, in order to get the same three adjacent colored areas in order to connect. Exclamation is not it? You can play single player or multiplayer mode.

10. Asphalt Street Storm Racing

You're a racing car type game? The newly launched Gameloft Asphalt Game is today's hottest racing game that focuses on wild drag racing. You can drive through several cities, like Paris, New York and Hong Kong. To add to the challenge, you will face brutal weather events, such as rain and snow storms.

Single player model is fun, but multiplayer is much more powerful. You can fight three other players at once. At Asphalt Street Storm Racing you can bet a pink slip to win your opponent's car in a drag race, then collect your favorite car collection.

11. Sonic The Hedgehog

As part of Sega Forever, the latest collection of classic games just released Android version, Sonic the Hedgehog trying to popularize Sonic characters back. This game is very easy to play even though it is available for free with ads. Pay the premium version for $ 1.99.

12. Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends finally released on Android phones last August. If you've ever played Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, then this game is very similar to the game. This card battle game lets you play with offensive or defensive, depending on your style of play.

This game is easy to learn, but very strategic, so it takes a long time to be really proficient in playing. If you have the patience to play cards and you are a franchise enthusiast, you must play this game!

13. Shadow SkateAlthough the name is quite strange but this game is very good. You play as a skateboarder – or rather the shadow of the player. And along the glide you can do a variety of tricks. Gradually you will be addictive with this one game.

14. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Basically this type of strategy game berbalut RPG elements. You will control the hero figure taken from the Shadow of War story. This game is a continuation of the story of Shadow of Mordor and Lord of the Rings trilogy in smaller battle scale.

This game is available for PC or console versions using a nemesis and tailon fight system that can enslave Orc flock and use it for good use. While the free mobile version was released ahead of AA monolith version.

15. Icewind Dale: Enchanted Edition

This game is trying to popularize the era of RPG Dungeons and Dragons. With a complicated story even comes with heavy dialogues and more action than ever before. Enchanted Edition comes with a magnificent visual scene and an amazing musical composition. Even available up to hundreds of new characters that you can play.

17. Thimbleweed Park

This adventure-themed game was created by Ron Gilbert who is also the maker of Monkey Island. When playing Thimbleweed Park will be very felt atmosphere of the tv show series The X-Files and Twin Peaks. Telling a pair of young detectives trying to unravel the mysterious case around him.

Approximately that's the outline of this game. For those of you who like puzzles, mysteries and complicated stories will be very fond of this game. Various reviews say Thimbleweed Park deserves to be played because it is fun and deserves to be a collection.

18. Shadow Fight 3

The Shadow Fight game series has always been popular and the best among all types of specialized mobile fighting games. This latest series brings many changes that certainly not disappointing. The characters can bring out silhouettes and fight with excellent graphics and improved choreography of the fight, do not forget the latest armor range.Shadow Fight 3 is fairly easy to play because it does not require many buttons to use. The whole point of winning every game in this game is the good attributes and the right attack time, it will be hard if you refuse to buy armor or equipment.

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