DPR Stop the Logging in East Java

DPR Stop the Logging in East Java

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The Head of the Protected Forests Commission IV of the House of Representatives Azwar Cheputra said that deforestation in East Java, especially around Mount Arjuna and in Perum Perhutani Unit II / Jatim Production Forest area were stopped immediately.

"The flash flood that started from the overflowing of the Ngasinan River in Trenggalek is clearly caused by the severity of deforestation in the area, so we in the DPR strongly call on all parties to clear the logging in East Java," he told reporters in Jakarta on Friday.

Economically, Azwar said, the cessation of deforestation would be detrimental, especially for Perhutani Unit II of East Java and timber industries, especially teak. "But it's too naive to think of economic interests and neglect other interests, especially since these natural disasters cause a lot of casualties," said Azwar.

According to Azwar, it is appropriate if the government, especially the local government to be firm and show great sustainability of forests in the region of East Java.

Furthermore, Azwar expressed his support for the East Java government planning to implement the logging or cessation of total logging of forest crops.

Azwar explained that the Regional Government of East Java had planned to implement the draft regional regulation (draft) on the temporary suspension of logging or better known as the moratorium lodging for 5 to 10 years.

But the plan has never been realized and inaudible until now. Perhaps because of the swift rejection of Perhutani II and the Indonesian Furniture Association at that time, Azwar said.

Perum Perhutani Unit II of East Java itself, according to Azwar, is the main contributor of total deforestation which is the main income of Perum Perhutani. "Even 50% of revenue Perum Perhutani comes from Perum Perhutani Unit II East Java," he said.

For 2004, Perhutani has even managed to realize the production of teak wood 187,691 cubic meters or 98% of the original target of 190.99 cubic meters. For timber (non teak) realized to 325,121 cubic meters or 117% of the original target of 108,765 cubic meters. From the wood production figures, Perhutani II East Java managed to reap a profit of Rp. 129.958 mililar.

However, according to Azwar, the government, especially Perum Perhutani not only because of fear of experiencing economic losses and then override social losses suffered by the community. ? Because this natural disaster has repeatedly occurred and claimed not too few lives,? firmly Azwar.

Therefore Azwar urged that all parties concerned openly willing to think of preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of banjir bandang and landslide disaster in East Java.Government and Perum Perhutani Unit II as forest managers in East Java as the party that should be responsible for this disaster should immediately take steps to improve the condition of forests that have been severely damaged. The government, especially the Forest Service of East Java, should also immediately optimize the implementation of Forest and Land Rehabilitation Movement in East Java.

The Regional Government, especially the Forestry Service, Azwar said, should optimally implement the land and forest rehabilitation initiatives starting from the tender process of seedling, selection of seeds to maintenance. "If necessary the local government allocates its APBD to support the implementation of the Forest Rehabilitation Movement," said Azwar.

He also hopes the government, especially the police and other law enforcement agencies take firm action against the perpetrators of looting of forest crops. ? Even the looting has caused the state losses up to more than Rp. 46 billion, Azwar added. (* / rit)

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