Due to Play Pokemon GO, Japanese Trucker This Truck 2 Women

Due to Play Pokemon GO, Japanese Trucker This Truck 2 Women

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Entering the third month of Pokemon GO officially released and played many people, has many unique events that occur due to Pokemon GO. This time a scary incident occurred in Japan due to playing Pokemon GO.

A 39-year-old truck driver hit two women who were crossing the street around Tokushima, Japan. This is caused by the lack of concentration of the driver while driving a truck while playing Pokemon GO. One of the women died on the spot, while another was still in critical condition.

Truck Driver Crashed People Due to Main Pokemon GO

Flowers placed near the scene after a truck driver hit a person as a result of riding while playing Pokemon GO. Tokushima, Japan (24/08/2016).

Knowing the horrific happenings of Pokemon GO in Japan, Niantic as the game developer was speaking up. They warned to be more careful while playing Pokemon GO, either for the safety of themselves or others.

They have also given a lot of warnings on previous updates so that players can be more careful again. Even so, not a few people who are still stubborn while playing Pokemon GO.

Just to note, Pokemon GO is one game that uses Augmented Reality technology and GPS when you want to play it. Players are required to go outside to get Pokemon, master Gym and incubate eggs.

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