Due to Pollution, This Country Loses Billions of US Dollars Each Year

Due to Pollution, This Country Loses Billions of US Dollars Each Year

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Pollution is not only bad for human health. It also provides economic losses. Just look at Canada, who reportedly must bear the losses of up to tens of billions of dollars the United States (US) every year due to pollution.

Launched the Vice and The Star page, Saturday (3/6/2017), a report titled Pollution Costs in Canada: Measuring the impact on family, business and government, released the non-profit International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

The report says if poor air quality makes Canada cost up to US $ 36 billion or around Rp 478.9 trillion by 2015. (Exchange rate (US $ 1 = Rp 13,305)

From the cost of up to US $ 36 billion, most of it comes from the amount spent on the health of Canadians who get sick from indirect inhaling pollutants.

This cost by detailing the average of one family, consisting of four people, was worth US $ 4,300. Families in Canada use these fees for treatment. There is also a lost income count because they have to spend time not working.

Smog, according to the report, is the most expensive pollutant in Canada. It consists of several different pollutants. One of them is a particles the size of a thirty the size of a strand of human hair.

"Because of their small size, these particles can penetrate deep into the airways, where they can cause a number of health effects, including cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, and in extreme cases, exposure to smoke can lead to premature death," the report explains.

IISD recognizes it is very complicated to more clearly estimate the true cost of this pollution impact. Because the data needed to measure the cost of a particular pollutant simply does not exist.

The business and government sectors are also affected by this pollution. "Farmers lose money when their crops are damaged by air pollution, extra money is needed to treat contaminated water before it can be used, pollution damages buildings and erodes infrastructure, increases maintenance costs," the report said.

IISD also makes a very interesting point about how pollution erodes property values. The price of the cottage on the edge of the lake for example, its value down because people do not buy interest after seeing a thick lake with algae.

There is also a high-rise condominium less attractive to buyers if they have a blurred view of smoke. "We just do not know how much pollution is actually harming us in terms of loss of wealth, but we know that there are trillions of dollars of assets at risk of pollution," he said.

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