Due to Rare Conditions, This Woman Can Expel Sweat Blood

Due to Rare Conditions, This Woman Can Expel Sweat BloodVemale.com – Although no injuries, a rare condition to make this 21-year-old Italian woman can sweat blood from the palm of her hand and face. This condition has been diidap women for three years. Hm, what did she really experience?

Quoted from asiaone.com, the rare condition was recently documented by doctors from the University of Florence at the Canadian Medical Association Journal. If you are recurring, blood sweat can continue to come out within 1-5 minutes. Doctors did not find the trigger in particular.

Blood sweat./Copyright Canadian Medical Association Journal

Dr Roberto Maglie and Dr. Marzia Caproni in his report wrote that the condition of the woman can be more severe when under emotional stress. Feeling embarrassed by her condition, she often isolated herself from others.

Giving medication to overcome depression and anxiety did not help alleviate his condition. The condition of the new woman improved when already taking medication to cope with high blood pressure.

In addition to being diagnosed with mental disorders, the woman is also diagnosed with haematohydrosis. What is hematohydrosis? This is a very rare condition, where a person sweats blood.

According to Dr. Frederick Zugibe (former Chief Medical Examiner in Rockland County, New York), as reported by Wikipedia, this condition is found also today. The clinical term "hematohidrosis" can be described like this: "In the vicinity of sweat glands, there are many blood vessels that form tissues such as nets.With high pressure due to stress, these blood vessels shrink and then after the anxiety passes, the blood vessels will expand until broken. will flow into the sweat glands.At the time the sweat glands produce a lot of sweat, the blood will be pushed to the surface, which goes out as blood dots mixed with sweat. "

According to the National Institutes of Health, hematohydrosis usually occurs when a person experiences severe physical or mental stress and usually affects the face area.

Medical experts have not been able to ascertain the exact cause of this hematohidrosis. Because this condition can also be associated with increased blood vessel pressure, systemic diseases, bleeding disorders, menstruation, high blood pressure, and so forth.

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