Due to Send SMS to Other Men, This Woman Was Punished Open Clothes By Her Boyfriend

Due to Send SMS to Other Men, This Woman Was Punished Open Clothes By Her BoyfriendVemale.com – When deciding to have an affair with someone, it would be nice if we know and understand with certainty someone. Do not let, when we have an affair with him, then it turns out he is someone who is rude and willing to do naughty with us. This time, a sad and distressing story has happened to a 22-year-old girl from New York, USA.

Quoted from the page dailymail.co.uk, the girl who has not been named has forced his girlfriend to open clothes on the streets of Manhattan, New York, USA some time ago. The more sad and worrisome, before being forced to open the shirt, this girl was beaten by the girlfriend. According to reports, girlfriend Jason Melo forced the girl to take off her clothes after the girl angrily sent a message to some of her male friends.

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For what Jason is doing, he must now take responsibility for his actions. He was arrested by the local police for allegedly harassing others. From the examination, the police managed to seize evidence of a video of the girl when you open the clothes on the streets Mahattan. In the video looks the girl who has long black hair is not wearing a single shirt and just wearing knee-high boots knee high.

Initially the girl had time to wear a towel. But, Jason yelled at the girl and cursed and pulled the towel. To the girl Jason said, "Take off your towel and be yourself embarrassed, I want to build a happy family with you, but you talk to another man There are 7 other men you talk to and you tease."

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According to a local newspaper report of the Sydney Morning Herald (January 22, 2016), while harassing the girl, Jason also said he would spread the video. And on this case, many people regretted what Jason did. One person who also regrets what Jason is doing is the wife of New York City Mayor Chirlane McCray. This woman reminded that the perpetrator punished as hard as possible. He also hopes that things like this never happen again.

Chirlane McCray said,

"The video shows verbal abuse, humiliation and torture perpetrated by the perpetrator or suspect.This is very sad.This is very disadvantageous to the victim.This case is very unfortunate.The government can not tolerate such cases.People should be given a punishment in accordance with what he did. We urge all societies not to distribute the video because it contains harassment, we must jointly take care of others' reputations and the privacy of others. "

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According to the girl, before forcing her to open her shirt on the streets during the very cold weather, since the last 3 months Jason has often hit and tortured her. He even threatened to kill him if he did not want to walk the streets by opening all his clothes. Lucky, this girl can now be free from cruelty committed by the boyfriend. Jason has been arrested by local police. Reportedly, Jason will be in jail for some time to come. Hopefully this case never happened to us or the people around us yes. May we always be juxtaposed with good people who will protect and love us sincerely.(vem / mim)

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