Due to the Charm of the Dwarf Tree

Due to the Charm of the Dwarf Tree [/ caption]

Whatever on earth, God created for man to be managed and developed for life as a benefit. The beauty or the uniqueness of the branches curve, the roots that spread and the stems that seem old is a benefit for the arid soul, sedate heart while looking at it and click amazed for kretifitas penggiatnnya.

My assumption, the bonsai activists were plant-torturers, that was before. The necessity of cutting each of the shoots that want to mark the sun, is a little cruel act for me, as well as the wire wrapped around its branches, as if it were a torturous grip for a tree that wants to grow. Duh, kasian.

Aesthetics, is a benefit to human beings, so the patience that bonsai activists need is also part of an important value of life. My perception of plant torturers changed as I began to glorify bonsai. Of all the ornamental plants that I breed, will bonsai become the most dearest plant.

Bonsai activists are actually fanatical lovers. The willingness to break through the forest, climb the cliffs, and walk along the banks to get bonsai is an unusual adventure. Snakes, monitor lizards, mosquitoes and other ugly animals sometimes become a scary shocker but tells a funny story that is sometimes funny and sometimes creepy.

The true plants trunked giant but engineered into this mini, beautiful can not seem instantly. The fans have to wait in a matter of years. The older the dwarf tree the value of estica and its uniqueness is also higher, the price is more sky.

Did you know that bonsai enthusiasts can leave their plants, maybe the dearest bonsai is longer than the owner.

The adventurous spirit, creativity, patience and greening spirit of the earth is the role of the bonsai penghobby originally developed in Japan Sakura country. You will feel a deep love when the planted plantation has begun to show its unique curve, as well as a sense of indulgence that too, when the new tree will be moved to a new container. Each wake up in the morning, you will go out the page and ask if the sleeping sound of the bonsai last night.

A little crazy indeed, but that's a green plant leaves make us fall in love, the curve of the trunk makes us long to go home immediately watering. If a bonsai is a kind of flowering like a Biraeng tree or a fruit-like fruit fruits, we will not let others pick it. Let it fall on its own, not because of the intervention of the ignorant boys who do not understand that crazy love.

[caption id = "attachment_158143" align = "aligncenter" width = "640" caption = "Beringin Embracing the Cadas"]

When you are willing to visit the narrow courtyard and my ugly garden, there will be no beautiful bonsai. Approximately three years ago I began to wrestle it, no one has really become a dream bonsai. Because patience is not too good, I am sometimes tired of waiting for branches to thrive.

Because also the soul of art is really squatting, I also often wrong cut (cutting) leaves or bend branch with wire. You know, there are no similar bonsai, because that's typical. Sometimes we want to shape the trunk like our vision, it turns out bonsai will still grow as he wishes. Sometimes the will of the tree is what makes it beautiful even without the owner's intervention.

[/ caption] Create your kind heart, let me a little show off. There are four types of banyan tree in my yard, two orange branches, three tamarin trees, an adelia, erasa, a colon and also a dollar tree. Sorry No Sale, because all bonsai will be totally worthless and also the owner is no more an amateur.

If you want to donate oxygen to the earth where we are arrogant human beings straddle it, plant it! The tree gives the breath for this life.

Present the loose soil, at least in our small pots as a sign that we are reverent on the origin from which we are created.

Pollution is getting worse, the ozone layer is getting smaller, the dust of the disease flies. Let the leaves of the trees we plant to protect us. Plant! Your hand is the source of water and your breath of fresh air. Go Green!

Bantaeng, January 30, 2012

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