Due to the Fart of Sembembangan, A Student Got 8 Stitches in the Head

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Vemale.com – Fart is one form of a healthy body metabolism. People who smoothly fart signify a good digestive system. In fact, the disease can be identified through the smell of fart. In the community at large, farts become taboo things that can not be done in any place. Because, considered disturbing.

Then, what about someone who can not resist farting and forced to fart in any place yes? Various tiger responses are received for people who fart, chirp people around, embarrassed, or until battered because of being beaten. Well, bother too yes like that. Reported by Inquistr.com, the recent incident of beatings by students to other students because the student was farting near the student.

A 17-year-old girl who studies at South Richmond High School is reported to have hit another 15-year-old student with a metal stool. The student was angry because, she was the target of fart by her classmates. The boy needs 8 stitches.

South Richmond High School, School for Children with Special Needs and Disabilities | Photo: copyright Silive.com

The school, located in Staten Island, New York, may be a fart-free zone following the unfortunate incident that took place. Where a student with a flatulence who has no other choice, farts carelessly near his girlfriend. The girl who was offended by the actions of his male friends was finally angry and beat his friend. As a result of the student's fart, he finally had to be battered by his girlfriend.

The incident of fights over the high school fart on Monday, when a student thinks she is the target of her farting classmate. Is the alleged fart of the culprit is really a fun act himself or indeed because of flatulence.

Students of Local Special Needs School | Photo: copyright Silive.com

When the offender farted carelessly, the offended student took a metal bench in his class and approached the boy then hit him. Later, the student was reported to Mariners Harbor, then detained by the authorities after attacking his friend. He was detained and secured exemption.

Fight-induced fights occur at about two o'clock in the school, which is a school for children with special needs and disabilities. Seeing school performance and the effectiveness of students mixed, affecting both can be very positive or negative.

During the fight, the girls reportedly not only beat students who farted carelessly with metal benches as well as banging their heads several times, blasphemous, and screaming for the fart's violation of the student. After the quarrel, the victim was taken to the hospital and received eight stitches.

Socialization of Anti Bullying Movement at School Place of Incident Occurred | Photo: copyright Silive.comAlthough, the perpetrator has acknowledged his regret for injuring his classmate, he remains a criminal penalty. The offender receives a second-degree crime charge, alleged third-level offense and possession of a criminal tool used by the offender. The defendant is scheduled to go through trial on 25 February for possible self-defense.

However, from the argument, for a student who farts carelessly in front of his friend, will think twice in the future before he decides to fart carelessly. Especially in front of his own friends.

But, what is the fact that perpetrators and victims are children with special needs or disabilities? What laws should be applied to them? Certainly can not be equated with normal people. Do you agree, ladies?

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