Duh, the islands in Indonesia are Threatened Drowning. A Few More Years Will Be Disappeared!

Duh, the islands

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Indonesia is known as an archipelagic country. Where is the big islands stretching along Sumatra to Papua. The shape of the archipelago makes Indonesia a unique country. Where every island has its own trademark, from start customs, language, until culinary. You could say this is the charm of the archipelago. But unfortunately, as an archipelago, Indonesia is overshadowed by rising sea levels that threaten the existence of the islands. Many islands in Indonesia are predicted to sink some years ahead.

What is that island? So, what is the cause of the sinking of an island?

Indonesia is an archipelagic country. Where the number of islands has been lodged in the head from school since 17,845

Nusantara, intermediate nusa. Meaning the islands of Indonesia stretching from Sumatra to Papua, among which are separated by oceans. Naturally, if the land of Indonesia is separated by the sea, because 2/3 of 7.8 million km2 is the ocean. About 5.8 million km2 is the ocean.

As an archipelago country, do you still remember how many islands in the archipelago? Yup, some of us would probably answer 17,845 islands, a number reflecting Indonesia's independence day. The number seems to be deliberately chosen to be easy to remember. Whereas based on the Popular Encyclopedia of Small Islands Archipelago, the number of Indonesian islands is 17,504. However, with the Jakarta bay reclamation project planned to build 17 new islands, the number of archipelago Archipelago certainly increased to 17 521.

P.S: while only 13,466 islands have been successfully standardized in the United Nations.

Many say that the archipelago is a paradise beautiful islands exotic nan. From the island of Gods, Borneo, to Papua. No doubt if many foreigners are in love

Not a few foreigners who fell in love with Indonesia. You can see happy faces of foreign tourists visiting Bali. For them, Bali's beauty is heaven. Not to mention many world researchers who choose to dedicate their knowledge and energy to save the flora and fauna in the realm of Borneo. Not only that, quite a lot of world organizations that terketuk conscience to build a village in Papua. That's all their love for the archipelago. The sign of the love of the world's population on the islands of the archipelago, in Indonesia.

Get ready to say good good bye Kelor island is predicted to sink about 40 years

The name of this island may sound familiar to the ears. Even some of you do not know about the existence of this one island. This island is still included in the cluster of Thousand Islands. On this island also resemble the relics of the Company, a fort built VOC and shipyard. With the historical value of the island that was formerly named Kherkof is very unfortunate if the next 40 years are predicted to be shipwrecked. The extent alone has shrunk from 1.5 hectares (1980) to 1 hectare only. The abrasion and global warming are the main causes.

Padang Island in Riau is also predicted to sink due to converted into industrial timber plantations (HTI). What is HTI?HTI is an industrial plantation forest. There are plans that natural forests on the island of Padang Kab. Meranti Islands Riau Province, will be converted into HTI area. Based on the results of Riau forest rescue network research (Jikalahari) revealed that the land on the island of Padang is a suitable peatland planted with coconut, mangrove, or sago. If it is true the island of Padang will be converted into HTI, well managed with the right technology in order not to become a boomerang in the future.

P.S: adapaun HTI aims to support forestry development that supports national growth. Among them are to expand employment and reduce poverty.

What will make Indonesian citizens a bit of anxiety is the island of God predicted to be drowned in 2050! Please, this can not happen!

It is predicted that by 2050 sea water will rise as high as 4 meters, causing the island of Nusa Penida and part of Bali island to sink. Currently, Nusa Penida is the most vulnerable island threatened by climate change that causes sea level rise. Related to this the people of Bali have done a real action Nyepi International campaign that has been applied since several years ago. Hopefully, the campaign to combat climate change is not only done by the Balinese people, but also the world community in general.

Sentan Island Bintan, also adds a long list of islands that are predicted to be shipwrecked

Sentut Island is located in the waters of South China Sea, east of Bintan island, Kepri province. The island is widely rumored and its altitude is decreasing due to abrasion and bauxite mining. Sentut Island itself is less than 2 hectares and in the form of sand. Besides the sunken Sentut island, Tembora island also experienced the same thing. The cause is the same, bauxite mining. Ckckckc

Abrasion and global warming are the cause of the many islands in the archipelago that are threatened with sinking

The islands in the archipelago are threatened by sinking caused by the rising sea water. So the mainland of these islands shrink its breadth. Until the worst is the islands are completely submerged. Global warming is the main cause of sea level rise. Meanwhile, abrasion which according to Mbah Google is the process of coastal erosion by the power of ocean waves and ocean currents are destructive, also contributed to the reduced area of ??an island. The width and height of the shrinking island, as the sea level rises, become a potentially shipwrecked island.

Very unfortunate if Indonesia must lose the island one by one. Though some of the island has the potential to be used as natural forests (as the lungs of the world) and not a few who even have historical value like the island of Kelor. Again the cause of global warming. Huft. Stop global warming!

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