Dupont Helps Develop Corn Crops

Dupont Helps Develop Corn Crops

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PT Dupont Indonesia supports the corn plant development program in North Sumatra by offering quality seedlings and assisting ground analyzes such as the Serdang Bedagai (Sergei) District Government project which is developing 100 hectares of cornfield that has just begun.

"The selling price of corn is estimated to be quite good, while the land for the development of the plant is also still quite a lot in North Sumatra," said District Sales Manager of PT Dupont Indonesia Sumbagut, Suwandy Purba, in Medan, Wednesday (6/8).

Sergei Regency Government develops corn plantation on Adolina Plantation field owned by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) 4 in Kecamatan Perbaungan. The corn is grown in newly converted palm oil from previous crops, namely cocoa (chocolate).

According to Suwandy, the development of corn crops in addition to increasing the income of the community, also support the national food security program can even help deal with the energy crisis that swept the world.

He explained that the profits of farmers from planting corn can be around Rp 7 million to Rp11 million per hectare, with the calculation of planting capital, maintenance until corn harvest ranges from Rp 7 million to Rp 8 million, while income can reach about Rp15 million with a production count per hectare of seven tons with a selling price of Rp2,500 per kg.

Though corn harvest is only three and a half months to four months, he added.

He acknowledged in recent weeks the price of corn has decreased, but certainly soon recovered because the world corn demand will still continue high.

Swandy added, with a program called Dupont as Soil Clinic and Corn Clinic is expected to produce corn farmers can reach the maximum number.

Soil Clinic, he said, can ensure the condition of the land that will be planted by farmers starting from the soil acidity level, the content of N, P and K so that eventually the farmers can take appropriate action for the processing of the land or the use of seed species.

"In the ex-cocoa field in Adolina, for example, it is advisable to use corn seed Pioneer 12," he said.

Regent of Serdang Bedagai, HT Erry Nuradi, said Sergei Regency will use the food crisis and energy crisis to increase the income of its citizens, one of them by inviting developing corn crops that can be used as food or sold for food, feed and even energy raw materials.With revenue from corn especially when the selling price again is as good as it is today, farmers are expected to survive even exist in the midst of the crisis, he said. (kpl / rif)

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