Earth Day 2012 Protect planet earth!

Earth Day 2012 Protect planet earth!

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Earth Day or better known as Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22 every year. Earth Day is held around the world to raise awareness and appreciation of the natural environment on earth. Let's follow a simple way to protect this earth, as reported in Realsimple.

At home

Air conditioning or air conditioning is one cause of earth ozone damage. To protect the earth from global warming, we recommend that you adjust your thermostat wisely. You can also program the thermostat automatically so you will not waste energy while your house is empty.

The use of washing machines is also an important issue in water conservation efforts. Can you imagine how much water you have thrown away? Standard washers use 40 gallons of water per load.

In the kitchen

Eating red meat once a week is the best way to protect the earth. You are confused? To produce beef in bulk, breeders need seven pounds of grain or more. That's what they do to produce a pound of beef. Cattle consume green grass that can produce oxygen and hold water.

Minimize the use of kitchen appliances that use electricity, such as kettles and electric stoves. At least you can save the earth energy wisely.

While traveling

Bring your own water bottle. This method makes you not often buy bottled water everytime you thirst. You can fill the water bottle repeatedly. Save fuel with no speeding-speed. The earth already does not have adequate oil supply.

In public place

Have you ever felt that it's so hard to save electricity in a public place? Most people think that the energy or facilities they use do not belong to them. They also do not have to pay for it so there is a waste of energy. Right? Begin to save energy, when you are in a public place, for example, do not let the TV turn on continuously.Maintaining and preserving nature is not only the task of the government, but also the obligation of every citizen of the world. Do not waste any more time. Let's create a healthy and energy-saving natural environment of the earth. [des]

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