Earth Facts Threatened Dangers Will Distract Your Attention from Gebetan!

Earth Facts Threatened

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The Earth is in danger is not a trivial thing. Studies reveal that at this time, the earth is entering the phase of extinction. This is proof you do not have to worry about your boyfriend, there are bigger things that are mandatory and more important for you to pay attention.

After you see some pictures of the earth in danger this will surely you will goosebumps. Curious? Here's a picture that proves the Earth is in danger, and needs more attention to restore its natural state.

1. If global warming continues to increase, how many more crater holes will come up?

Yamal Peninsula via

Researchers from the Center for Research Ilmiarh Artik, Andrei Plekhanov, said the area around the hole was indeed rich in natural gas.

As the temperature around it changes drastically, gas pressure occurs in the ground and causes explosions. Before making this conclusion, Plenkhanov and other researchers have made observations on the Yamal Peninsula.

2. Hunting the beast is not really gentle!

Poaching by

Poaching leads to animal scarcity, if not stopped, poaching can lead to extinction. As a result, the balance of the ecosystem becomes disrupted. It's time to be a literate generation!

3. If it continues like this, the polar bear will become history

Polar bear via http://beritasatu.comThe starving polar bear in Svalward, Norway. The melting of polar ice creates living space and food sources extinct. All good will be extinct, good humans also start rare

4. Electronic waste that increasingly mounting days

Trash via

The collapse of damaged electronic goods ends in developing countries and is stripped down using deadly substances.

5. Who wants to honeymoon cepetan, the island is drowning!

Island via

A near-extinct world paradise: Maldives, a popular holiday spot threatened by rising sea levels.

In everyday life there may be things that you can delay such as washing clothes, washing dishes to exercise. But you should not delay to visit the beautifully threatened island of Maldives due to global warming, an interesting reference to end your single cihuuuiiy.

Beautiful island with rare animals in it is indeed threatened lost forever. The cause can happen many things like global warming that makes the sea surface is constantly increasing, erosion, pollution and natural damage that can not be avoided making this island threatened disappear.

6. This waterfall is beautiful and dangerous

Waterfall via http://versesofuneverse.blogspot.comUniversity Alaska Fairbanks in mid-2013 and released the results of his research related ice conditions in both poles of the earth. It is known that every day the ice that was there melted as much as two inches.

The condition has long been a concern for researchers and environmentalists. The melting of polar ice is even considered a threat to the existence of humans and living things on earth. Unfortunately, up to now the increase in global temperature and the formation of greenhouse effect gas as the main cause of melting ice can not be stopped. Human dependence on fossil fuels is beginning to be replaced, but petroleum and coal are still the main sources of human energy.

7. The same controversy of Coal Pltu

Air pollution via

Indonesia has dozens of Steam Power Plant (PLTU) Coal spread all over Indonesia. Burning coal to produce this power releases millions of tons of pollution every year.

From time to time these PLTUs pollute the air with toxic pollutants, including mercury, lead, arsenic, kadmiun and fine particles that have infiltrated the lungs of people living around the coal-fired plant. As a result a variety of health problems lurk the public ranging from increased risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Buruan moved affectionately

8. Overcrowded air traffic is dangerous

Air traffic via

Air pollution is a condition in which air quality becomes damaged and contaminated by substances, both harmless and harmful to the health of the human body. Air pollution is common in large cities as well as in industrial densities that produce gases that contain substances above the limits of reasonableness. Well, the air alone should not be polluted friends, let alone a good name

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