East Java DPRD Urges Commission IV Merotorium Problem of Selective Logging

East Java DPRD

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The House of Representatives (DPRD) of East Java urged the House of Representatives Commission IV, which among other things in charge of forestry to fight for the implementation of a selective moratorium on logging in the province because of the increasing frequency of floods and landslides caused by critical lands reaching 160,000 hectares.

Chairman of the Joint Commission of Parliament on the Draft of Daearah Rule (Raperda) Controlling and Controlling Production Hutaun in East Java, Ridwan Hisyam, after consultation with the House of Representatives Commission IV in Jakarta, Wednesday (9/3), asserted, "We need political backing from Commission IV of the House of Representatives (DPR) so that in the amendment of the discussion of the Forestry Law Law, the Selective Moratorium problem should be included in this issue, so do not just discuss it as it is feared by the East Java DPRD's theme. He emphasized that this selective moratorium is needed in anticipation because of the extent of the damaged forest currently causing floods and landslides and damaging the catchment area.

At first, he said, the local government and parliament agreed to implement a logging moratorium. But after searching various inputs and among others from the wood processing industry in East Java which rejects the moratorium on logging, finally with various considerations agreed to conduct a selective moratorium.

However, considering that the draft regulation must also be in line with the existing laws and regulations, Ridwan said, the East Java Legislative Assembly asked the House of Representatives Commission IV to find a legal loophole that enables the Rector of this selective moratorium to remain in force pending the amendment of the Forestry Law implemented by DPR and Forestry .

Previously, all members of the Joint Commission on Raperda for Raperda in the consultation urged the House of Representatives Commission IV to include this Raperda in the national program and incorporate this issue in the main discussion. Moreover, the Joint Commission of East Java is actually scheduled to be final on 28 May and then postponed until 20 April 2005.

Therefore, they tried to ask whether the Commission IV of the House of Representatives could support the Rector of the selective moratorium for immediate effect without having to wait for amendment of Law 41/99 on forestry as the main legal basis of the Bill. "While waiting for the Forestry Law to be amended, this Raperda must run due to the fact that the forest in East Java has been damaged and needs serious recovery." Responding to the wishes of his partner from Java, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IV, Mindo Sianipar, time to the Joint Commission Raperda East Java to learn more about this problem. "We want a more in-depth and scientific study of the condition of the forestry sector in East Java before it can come to a conclusion." If later the contents of this Raperda contrary to the Act above it, said Mindo, mean Raperda this must be canceled. Therefore, according to him, the House of Representatives Commission IV requires accurate and scientific supporting data in order to make decisions in working meetings with the Minister of Forestry as the party having the authority to determine the issue of this selective moratorium.

If indeed the damaged forest area has reached 160,000 hectares, said Mindo, the policy of timber cessation of selective logging can be done in areas that are barren and critical. In addition, he said, "Accelerate reforestation to cover the vast critical area, if necessary funds through APBN plus to accelerate reforestation." According to data from the Joint Commission Raperda DPRD East Java province now has a forest area of ??13368.83.3 hectares or 28 percent of the land area of ??East Java. The forest area consists of 812,950 hectares of production forest, 315,505.3 hectares of protected forest, 10,947.9 hectares, nature reserves 18,008.6 hectares, 279.5 hectares, 178,291.3 hectares of national parks and community forest parks 27,868.3 hectares.

As a result of fire, theft, looting and various other causes, Perum Perhtuani forest area in Java, which in 2004 was barren and critical condition reached 160,000 hectares. The damaged environment condition caused the increasing of flood and landslide disaster in Brantas watershed, Sampean Madura watershed, and Bengawan Solo River Basin.

According to data from Perum Perhutani, BUMNs in the forestry area this year will plant in an area of ??38,257 hectares, consisting of 2,105 hectares of regular crops and 36,152 hectares of development crops.

According to Marketing Director of Perum Perhutani, the area of ??reforestation is much bigger than logged-over area which last year only 5,852 hectares.

"If the current Perhutani plantation area is not yet visible, it is for two years after the planting of the area is more visible as intercropping plantation within the framework of Community Forest Management (PHBM)." Perum Perhutani for 2005 only gets 136,827 cubic meters of production in East Java consisting of 104,691 cubic meters of teak wood and 131,136 meters of jungle wood

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