Easy and Not Time-Taking, Here’s How to Make Bamboo Lamps from Bamboo!

Easy and Not Time-Taking, Here's How to Make Bamboo Lamps from Bamboo!

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Bamboo is a plant that can grow wild in various regions in Indonesia. Usually bamboo grows in forests and places far from urban areas, although bamboo is very easy to find because the growth does not require maintenance. Bamboo can grow fertile in Indonesia because the tropical climate is suitable for this type of plant.

In addition to its easy growth, it turns out that bamboo also has various benefits and advantages that make it much sought today, either for craft or food.

For small bamboo can be eaten and become a delicious side dish, while the old bamboo can be used to make homes, up to crafts are worth millions. Although the handicraft from bamboo is quite difficult to make, but the selling value and the artistic value of bamboo handicraft make many people interested to make it.

The sale of handicrafts from bamboo has penetrated the international market as well, so the price is also rising and more and more Indonesian native handicraft worldwide. But make no mistake, make the bamboo handicrafts should also know some things like how to choose a good bamboo to use as a craft like what?

Curious to know the criteria that can be used bamboo? Let's refer to the following reviews:

Choose bamboo that is not too young or old.

Once cut down, bamboo can be cut along two or three segments.

Bamboo should be kept in a cool place, then up to 5-6 days.

The selected bamboo must have the longest segment.

If you already know what are the criteria of good bamboo used as a craft, then this time we will give how to make decorative lamps from bamboo handicraft, see how below:

Here are the ingredients to be prepared:Bamboo diameter 10 cm

Cables to taste

5watt lamp

Paint or polish

Poxy clear paint


How To Make Bamboo Decorative Light:

1. Prepare a fairly dry bamboo, with a diameter of 10 cm, then cut the bamboo with a length of 1.5 meters.

2. Then sandpaper the bamboo until the entire surface is smooth, then add paint or polish to make it look better later. After that wait until paint peliturnya dry.

3. Next select one of the segments that you will make the decorative lamp holder, and make sure the cradle is intact while the other sections are partially sawed.

4. If the top segment of the bamboo has been sawed, do the sandpaper process again so that the surface becomes more neat and clean from bamboo powder.5. Add a hole in the center of the bamboo to use as a cable line.

6. To make decorative lamp holder, use cement printed on small bucket with cement thickness between 7-10 cm.

7. Add the engraving on the decorative lights, to add to the beauty when it is turned on later. If you have, you can repaint the decorative lights using poxy clear paint to bambunya shiny.

8. The final stage in making handicrafts of ornamental lamps of this bamboo is to install all the components of lights and cables for lights up.

9. Lamp ready for market.

How, easy enough not to make handicrafts from bamboo? Moreover, there are many types of crafts that you can make, not just decorative lights, such as pencils, places to eat and so forth.

That's all information about bamboo crafts that we can inform, hopefully help!

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