Easy Ways To Ginger Fresh For Longer And Not Growing

Easy Ways To Ginger Fresh For Longer And Not Growing

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Vemale.com – Ginger is one of the herbs that can make the taste of cuisine becomes more delicious nan delicious. Not only that, ginger is also one of the herbs that can be made into a hot drink throat lozenges and body freshener. Therefore, not infrequently we will buy ginger in large quantities. Calculate, let more sparingly and do not bother having to buy ginger back and forth anyway. However, if this ginger is not cooked or made a drink in a long time, not infrequently ginger will dry or even grow buds.

So, how dong for ginger remained durable, long longer and not grow buds? Of course, we must keep this ginger well. This time, Vemale has an easy way to keep ginger fresh for longer and not grow. Approximately, what is the easy way? Check out the following reviews.

Buy Ginger That Is Still Fresh

The first thing you need to do is buy fresh ginger. Choose a yellowish ginger and a bit pink. Ginger is usually still fresh and freshness can last for two weeks ahead. Ginger is usually also has a pretty good quality.

Ginger Clean Wash

After buying fresh ginger, wash the ginger with clean water until the dirt is completely clean. After being washed, so that ginger does not rot when stored. Wipe ginger with cloth or towels unused. If lazy wiping, you can dry it for a while until the water used wash dry. Do not hang for too long because this can make the ginger dry and wrinkled.

Enter Ginger into Paper Bag

Next, you can keep this ginger in a clean paper bag. The paper bag will keep the ginger moisture well. Once stored in a paper bag, put it in a plastic bag.

Store in Refrigerator Vegetable Shelf

Store ginger in a refrigerator vegetable shelf. On this vegetable shelf, freshness of ginger will be maintained. Although it has been stored for a long time, ginger will remain fresh. He also will not grow buds. You also do not have to worry ginger will rot.

Ladies, that's tips to keep ginger to stay fresh and not grow buds. How, very easy way is not it? I hope this information is helpful. Good luck.(vem / mim)

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