Easy Ways to Overcome Global Warming

Easy Ways to Overcome Global Warming

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Global Warming, maybe already many people who know whether Global warming or better known the world as Global Warming, well global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, sea, and land of the earth. This rising temperature will cause changes in other changes such as extreme weather and raising sea levels. if the earth gets hot then it is possible that the north and south poles will melt and the sea level will be higher. Another consequence of this global warming itself is that if in the daytime we feel the excessive heat when outdoors, the hearing of agricultural products, the loss of glaciers and various types of animals.

Many people are wondering what is the cause of global warming and how to overcome it? well of course we can not just stand by and just waiting for help from the government because this global warming includes all living creatures that exist on earth.

the cause of global warming

Fossil fuel energy consumption, the industry is the largest contributor of carbon emissions, transport occupies second position, fossil fuel energy consumption consumes 70% of total energy consumption, followed by electricity that occupies the second position consumes 10% of total energy consumption while Indonesia itself emits 24.84% of total greenhouse gas emissions, in fact agriculture and livestock also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions through stagnant fields that produce methane gas, fertilizer utilization and agricultural practices, burning crop residues and the decay of agricultural waste from this sector of greenhouse gases generated by 8.05% of the total greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere so the amount of greenhouse gases discharged into the atmosphere from this sector is related to the consumption of the population of each country

How to reduce global warming

1. Plant a tree

Take advantage of empty land around your home or in your neighborhood by planting trees to re-green your home area, if you do not have a large yard you can also plant ornamental plants or other plants placed in small pots, just imagine if everyone planted trees on existing land then the oxygen demand will be gradually fulfilled, the reforestation of bare forests can also reduce the effects of global warming, ie by replanting this barren forest will restore the function of the forest as it should be.

2.Using Bicycles

Cycling is when you want to go out of the house such as to the market, school, work and others with cycling then you can save fuel consumption because every oil-fueled vehicles will release gas exhaust C02 and CO gas when in large quantities can cause effects greenhouse gases.

3.Having Electricity

Save electricity here is when in the day turn off unnecessary lights, unplug your hp cash or laptop when it is full etc., it is intended to suppress global warming because in Indonesia itself there are many coal-fired power plants.4. Adequate ventilation

If you want to build a house or a building try to provide sufficient fentilasi this aims to let the light in during the day, this is for the purpose of suppressing electrical energy during the day.

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