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Issues of nature damage along with ecology is a hot issue of the modern world. The threat of global warming due to human imbalances interact with the environment resulted in the earth increasingly pressed human arrogance. The exploitation and rape of the environment has been so systematically humanized. The feminist movement sees environmental damage as proportionate to the case of exploitation of women, so that feminist calagan assumes that in order to save nature, women must be involved in it. Women must be elevated to save the environment together.

The feminist movement that carries the equality in saving the environment is called ecofeminism, a movement that seeks to create and preserve the environment and environment with femininity / women based. Women are considered to play a strategic role in preventing or at least creating a comfortable and beautiful natural environment.

The movement of ecofeminism first emerged from a feminist figure named Francoise dEaubonne in 1974 through a book Le Feminism ou Lamort. Through the book, Francoise tries to inspire, to suggest and to tap the conscience of feminists to pay more attention to the nature of the longer which shows the prolonged crisis, not finding or getting the best method of settlement. Yet this phenomenon is the long hand of the hegemonic and exploitative masculine jail.

The movement of ecofeminism departs from an assumption that exploitation and hegemonis-expansive of nature, parallel with cases that occur in women. Women experience subordination in their life structure, whether social, economic, cultural, and political, breaking down with movements that place women as the main actors. According to Francoise (1974) that there is a relationship between oppression that occurs in women and opression that occurs in nature.

In the ecological level, ecofeminism is often interpreted sebagia a theory and movement (movement) environmental ethics that try to break the ethics of the environment in general that is antroposentrism. Where the dimension of masculinity is placed in the number one position in the moral and ethical considerations. In addition, the eco-feminist movement also attempted to pour and criticize the theory of androsentrism, a male-centered environmental theory. Men are placed as the center of every pattern and system that exists in life.

In this case Karren J. Warren in the 80s argued that the conceptual logic constructed by androsentrism of oppressive and exploiting has four main characteristics: first think of hierarchical value. Secondly, dualism carries out moral judgment in a dualistic framework (male vs female and human vs. nature). Third, the dominant logic, the structure and the paradigm of thinking that tends to justify domination and subordination. Fourth, solving ecological problems must include a feminist perspective.

The logic and philosophy of anthropocentrism and androsentrism have made the natural ecological order and system threatened its existence. Because both depart from the philosophy and logic of akocentrism which emphasizes much domination, manipulation and exploitation of nature. According to this logic, human beings have been educated to intercept each other, mutual hegemony and mutual loot-loot. Man is educated living in a system where I exploit, I ruin and I colonize, then I exist. This is parallel to the law of the jungle (homo homini lupus) where the strong, the exploit and the rapist (nature) means he is the ruler and he is the living one. Whereas the various circles and in religious teachings (including Islam) there is nothing that justifies the expansive, exploitative and hegemonic thinking paradigm of nature, animals or humans.

Nature is gentle, loving and caring and nurturing is also owned by women. In the teachings of religion (islam) that al-quran has positioned women have the same nature with nature. This is evident from the metaphors used by the Koran, that the word nisa (women) often play with the word hartsun or ardlun (earth or earth). But time in the author does not want to go too far to discuss from the perspective of religion, but from the point of femininity.

Given the natural phenomenon that occurs, ecofeminism will and has offered a holistic, pluralist and inclusive perspective that emphasizes equiblirium between men and women. They are equally obliged to care for, maintain and maintain the environment without any tendency to destroy and exploit nature and ecology.

More than that the movement of ecofeminism will try to make people in the frame that women also have the ability to maintain and care for the preservation of the environment, planet and earth. According to NinaAn example of the eco-feminism movement that has been able to suppress the rate of environmental degradation is One movement that once wore Kenyan Wangari Maathai, who was later awarded the Nobel Prize for ecology, for his initiative in spearheading a tree-planting movement for all women in Kenya. (

The women's environment-based rescue movement is not a mere utopia. Because every individual; men and women alike have an obligation to save the earth. The involvement of women in the eco-feminism movement desperately needs to gain appreciation and be used as an alternative way, in an effort to reduce the rate of environmental damage and ecology.

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