Eight Tips to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Smart People

Eight Tips to Make New Year's Resolutions for Smart People

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Two more days of the new year, people already know when busy to greet him. Some go home to meet old friends, some are already preparing to break through the congestion to the holiday places, there are already preparing to stock up the corn to be burned busy, a lot of it anyway. Miscellaneous. Almost everyone is eager to welcome the coming of the new year because there is a better expectation placed there.

What guns never miss every year end is an event making a resolution in the new year. Everyone is competing to make resolutions for the coming year. What they want to accomplish next year. But know guns? The failure rate of people realizing the resolution earlier that year reached 88% -92%! That means almost 100% of people fail to realize what he has planned.

Typically, the early resolution of the year was modeled like switching to a new place, weight loss, sports diligence, smoking cessation, and the like. Well, most people who fail, it's because they are exposed to the name false hope syndrome. This syndrome is a syndrome of people's expectations that he thinks is easy to change habits, quick to change habits, and much can be gained by changing circumstances. Though the reality is not that easy. It takes a business that does not play games.

Well, the question now, how to succeed? There are some tips that can be practiced related to this new year's resolution. Tips such as the description below:

Be realistic. Do not be petty. For example, want to be a famous celebrity, whereas in the picture alone trembling and sweat flood. Or, want to be a Real Madrid player when kicking aja gun can. Want to be Superman, Batman, Hulk. Well the last one is even more so. So, be realistic.

Do one on one. Patient. Do not rush. One-on-one. Do not want to do it all, like going to swim while pole vault, for example, hehehe. It can not. Must be one on one. One engine, just go to another. Do not be greedy.

Be smart. Do you know? Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. Our targets must be measurable. Do not just say you want to lose weight ah. Do not. But gini, want to lose weight from 80 kg to 70 kg within 6 months. So it's really clear what we want to accomplish later. To what extent. If guns are measurable, lest I've dropped 0.5 kg just been proud and stopped. Or even too far so thin to 35 kg. So all must be clear and measurable.

Love to know other people. Do not save yourself. Tell someone else. If necessary to the whole world. So if the guns are achieved, get ready in bully, hehehe .. Who promise but the guns are not kept? Despite the same promise yourself. If we tell others, at least we have feelings of shame if not achieved. So it's even more serious to pursue our goals. Sukur-sukur-sukur the person we tell can remind us that we are loose.

Changed equally. That is, if you want to change do not be alone. For example, want to lose weight, but the same gangs gathered to eat. Address deh, failed miserably. Go down, ride for sure. Who wants to lose weight so struggling on their own. Berattt. So it must change, yes equally. Affect the environment, do not we being influenced. If guns can affect, keep a distance. Nothing. Just until our goal is achieved. So it feels light. Not because it does not fit that environment anymore.

Do not limit yourself. Well, this, if you want to change, do not wait for the beginning of the new year doang. Changed it can be anytime. But since it happens to be nearing the beginning of the year, it does not matter what moment it is as a moment of change. Because, based on experience, people who make the resolution early in the year 10 times more likely to achieve goals than the guns do.

Record the progress. Record every success that has been achieved. Every day if necessary. What we have accomplished today. So we know how far we've gone and how close are we to our goal. Plus, we become motivated because we know, it turns out we have many attributes.Make mantras. These are not mantras to influence the shamans in the mountains. These are positive sentences to strengthen our efforts to achieve goals. For example, "Buy only what is needed" or "Learn! If you do not learn hard."

That's some tips that can be practiced for us who want to make new year's resolution. It's easy? If it's hard, make a resolution about running these tips to create a new year's resolution. Confused confused. Hehehe…

(Kang Galuh, while thinking about what resolution)

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