Encourage Eco Friendly Tourism, PLN NTB Getol Build SPLU

Encourage Eco Friendly

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Liputan6.com, Lombok PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) does not want to miss excite the tourism industry in the province. The red plate company encourages the use of environmentally friendly technologies in a number of places in NTB, including tourist destinations.

Among them, Gili Trawangan in North Lombok District and Special Economic Zone (KEK) Mandalika in Central Lombok.
PLN's commitment is realized by continuing to develop a general power supply station (SPLU).

General Manager of PLN NTB Mukhtar said the SPLU development can not be separated from the seriousness of NTB Provincial Government (Pemprov) to build environmentally friendly tourism.

He added that SPLU is also part of the company's anticipation in preparing technology related to the development of electric vehicles, whether bicycles, motorcycles, to cars. "As technology develops, SPLU can now also be used to recharge electric vehicles," said Mukhtar when inaugurating SPLU at NTB Islamic Center Complex last weekend.

Particularly in Gili Trawangan, PLN NTB has installed one SPLU unit. The reason, the visitors in many destinations that use electric motors.

According to Mukhtar, the addition of SPLU in Gili Trawangan will be done in stages. So also with the KEK Mandalika that carries the concept of green development.

"We will coordinate with local governments and ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) related to location and permission to request SPLU installation," said Mukhtar.

He added that PLN NTB is targeting 30 SPLU to be deployed at some point in 2018. Among them, Mandalika with six SPLU and each five units in West Lombok, North Lombok, and East Lombok.

While in Sumbawa Regency, Dompu Regency, Bima Regency, and Kota Bima are two units each. One other unit will be installed in West Sumbawa Regency.

The amount to be built in 2018 fulfills ten SPLUs already in operation. Among them, two units in Sangkareang and Udayana Field and each one SPLU in Islamic Center NTB, Gili Trawangan, and Beach Ampenan.

What is the word of Minister Arief Yahya?Nice! Tourist destination becomes the target of SPLU service provision, in order to be utilized by tourists. More convincing to our customers, tourists who visit the homeland, that we continue to develop technologies that raman environment, said Arief Yahya.

TTCI (Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index) Indonesia one that must be improved is environment sustainability. Improve the environment, to strengthen the destination and become a tourist attraction.


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