End of reclamation moratorium in Jakarta Bay

End of reclamation moratorium in Jakarta Bay

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The government decided to stop the reclamation moratorium in the Jakarta Bay. The developer of the previous sea dredging permit holder was requested to meet 11 points submitted since 14 months ago. And finally, PT Kapuk Naga Indah (KNI) successfully fulfilled it.

Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya said that Agung Sedayu Group's subsidiary has successfully fulfilled the 11 points it proposes. Therefore, there is no reason for the government to stop reclamation in the north of Jakarta.

"In 2016 there are 11 points and eleven now they have solved," he said at the Maritime Coordination Ministry, Wednesday (6/9).

To accelerate the legality of sea dredging, the Jakarta Provincial Government asked the DPRD to immediately discuss two of the two draft local regulations (Raperda) on reclamation. In fact, they have requested the recommendation of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) so that the reference of reclamation rule can be continued discussion.

Magnificent building on reclaimed islands C and D 2016 Merdeka.com/Muhammad Luthfi Rahman

Head of Jakarta Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Tuty Kusumawati said the reclamation workshop needs a rule base. Meanwhile, the discussion on the Regional Strategic Regulation of the North Coast of Jakarta and the Draft Regulation on Zoning of Coastal Zone and Small Islands (ZWP3K) to date has not yet been ratified.

Despite having sent a letter to the KPK, he revealed, the antireligious agency gave the answer. According to him, a corruption case that could ensnare the former Chairman of Commission D of City Council D Sanusi can not obstruct the discussion of these two draft raperda.

That letter (to the KPK) is waiting for the completion of OTT. Though it's two different things, "he said.

In fact, Tuty explained, it has been written with the City Council (DPRD) three times, but still applauded one hand. Whereas in the absence of these two draft regulations, the spatial management of the island of reclamation can not be done. Similarly, the additional contribution of 15 percent for the Provincial Government of DKI.

"So there have been three letters filed to the DPRD to request discussion including 15 percent to the local government," said Tuty.

Tuty added that the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has never made it difficult for developers to continue reclamation. In fact, it opened the door wide-width PT KNI to take care of environmental permit E.He explained that the environmental permit can be re-submitted by sending Strategic Environmental Assessment (KLHS) to the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. So that later, PT KNI as the developer can get permission again.

"It is repeated because of the new KLHS, the amdal must also be compiled newly, the permit is based on the new amdal," he said.

However, Chairman of Commission D of DKI Jakarta Regional House of Representatives Iman Satria warned, without the Local Regulation Regional Regulation of the North Coast of Jakarta and Raperda on Zoning of Coastal Zone and Small Islands (ZWP3K), the development on the artificial island can not be done.

"Now that the discussion is stuck, we have asked for Amdal to be addressed and we will discuss it now, and now the moratorium on its position, the minister has no policy yet, and we will wait for it," he concluded.

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