Energy Efficient Campaign, PLN Successfully Save 526 MW

Energy Efficient Campaign, PLN Successfully Save 526 MWState Electric Company (PLN) succeeded in reducing the average usage of 526 megawatts per day in Java Bali in an energy saving program conducted on 11 -31 July 2005.

"The savings of 526 MW is equivalent to 3.5 million to 4 million liters of fuel usage, while the average electricity consumption is 188 million kWh, equivalent to Rp52.3 billion," said Director General of PT. PLN, Edi Widiono in "PWI-PLN Partnership for Energy Saving Dialogue" at Hotel Sahid Jakarta, Monday (1/8).

Based on the results of the energy saving campaign pursuant to Inpres 10/2005, he added that if the pattern can be maintained until the end of December 2005, then the electricity supply in Java Bali can be served well.

Nevertheless, Edi said it remains wary of the occurrence of the energy crisis in about October given the rise in fuel prices.

"Otober will be dry season, while expenditure on fuel will increase because of the peak load hence the period of energy saving must be extended until the next dry season," he explained.

In April 2005 yesterday, PLN experienced an increase in peak load to about 200 MW until PLN was forced to extinguish in various places.

"The industries that used to use BBM to switch to electricity because of rising fuel prices, especially diesel," he said

PLN estimates it will experience a shortage of 600-1,500 MW due to the dry season this time because hydropower donates six percent of the national electricity needs or about 10 billion kWh.

To anticipate this, besides conducting an energy saving campaign, PLN will also continue to intensify communication with its customers.

Edi explained it has received news from the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) that this October is a wet dry season so it will not be too dry.

"Wet drought, energy saving and communication with customers will make the energy crisis will be passed," he explained.Currently the composition of power generation sources is 40 percent coal, 30 percent fuel, 19 percent natural gas, five percent geothermal, and six percent water.

"In 2007 we will change the composition to eight percent fuel, nine percent water, geothermal five percent, natural gas 33 percent and 45 percent coal, while in 2008 we plan to use fuel oil to be under five percent," he added.

In the draft requirement for 2005 submitted to Pertamina at the beginning of the year, PLN requested 9.36 million kiloliters of liters and in the latest revised requirement, PLN requested an additional two million kilo liters to 11.44 million kilo liters. Whereas Pertamina only promised fuel with a subsidy price of 8.4 million kilo liters.

"It means that the rest will have to be fulfilled with market price or around Rp1.4 trillion for this year, PLN will likely also suffer losses because the Basic Electricity Tariff (TDL) will not increase," he explained. (* / dar)

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