Energy, Main Issues In Fukuda – Jusuf Kalla Meeting

Energy, Main Issues In Fukuda - Jusuf Kalla Meeting

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The energy issue again colored talks between Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and the Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla during a meeting held at Japan's prime minister's office in Tokyo on Thursday.

"There was a deal about energy in the talk this morning, but as usual I explain also the position of Indonesia in this matter," said the Vice President when delivering the results of his meeting with a group of Indonesian journalists at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

Japan is a country that has energy dependence, especially gas and oil from Indonesia. Later the government issued a policy of industry follow energy that makes Indonesia prioritize national energy needs rather than export it.

In addition, it also makes countries that have energy cooperation to participate in developing national industry if it wants to maintain the stability of its oil and gas supply from Indonesia. Indonesia has also ensured that energy contracts to Japan will not change unless they expire.

Indonesia itself is focusing on renewable energy development efforts and requires active Japanese assistance in accelerating the effort.

The same was done by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2007 (before being replaced by Fukuda) who demanded that Indonesia's energy supply guarantee remain secure.

Other coloring talks were a matter of cooperation Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed by the two heads of government in August 2007, one of the objectives is to increase the return of Japanese investment in Indonesia.

In addition, the Vice President also explained Japan's desire to ask Indonesia to be an important partner in efforts to address climate change issues, considering the Bali Conference which is also the successor of the Kyoto Protocol.

Japan is an active country pioneering climate change by campaigning for Cool Earth 50 and providing financial assistance to countries prioritizing climate change mitigation. (* / rsd)

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