ENO Bantaeng Celebrates Birthday With Tree Planting

ENO Bantaeng Celebrates Birthday With Tree Planting

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Citizen6, Bantaeng: ENO (Environment Online) is the first networking organization to plant trees known as ENO Tree Planting Day which took place on 21 September 2004, coinciding with the UN Peace Day in Jounsuu – Finland . Since then, the organization network has spread to 10,000 schools in 157 countries, including Indonesia based in Kayu Agung South Sumatra.

The establishment of a green city was issued by ENO International headquartered in Finland by the director and founder of ENO Mika Van Hannen. Determination of Green City Network This world has also been done in various parts of other countries. As a green city network for its commitment to greening and preserving the environment continuously in their respective regions. Among them provide open space in the form of urban forest a minimum of two hectares, which can not be converted function and continue to plant trees every April 22 and September 21 which is the day to plant trees ENO Earth Day and also the International Day of Peace, Uniquely, the program this involves schoolchildren as principal perpetrators.

About Bantaeng

Bantaeng, entered into the 13th District of the World Green City Network as evidenced by a certificate from the founder of ENO, Mr. Mika Van Hannen in Jonsuu Finland on May 27, 2013.

Various activities have been carried out in Bantaeng, which is the result of coordination and partnership between the ENO Green Cities Program Coordinator with Bapedalda Bantaeng, Bantaeng Forestry and Plantation Office, and Bantaeng Sports and Education Office.

On the first occasion, the Bantaeng Regent appreciated that "This ENO Green Cities activity will be continued in Bantaeng, and will continue to promote the Movement of Saturday Planting and Clean Friday Movement and more devoted to the students." It is time, we feel the benefits of tree planting and keep the cleanliness since 2008, "said Regent Bantaeng HM. Nurdin Abdullah on Lounching ENO Tree Planting Day on 22 April 2013.

"On this day, ENO is 10 years old, which is marked by a circular tree planting and the tree is planted by the students, and today we are taking place at SMA Negeri1 Bantaeng," said Syahrul Bayan as Coordinator of ENO Green Cities of South Sulawesi.

Add Syahrul Bayan, before doing tree planting action conducted environmental lectures and the importance of planting trees for life, especially to create environment Bantaeng Green and Clean. This environmental lecture was attended by approximately 900 students of SMA Negeri 1 Bantaeng involving OSIS, Scout, and S3 Nation of SMA Negeri 1 Bantaeng.

Appeared to be present in this activity, Deputy Head of SMA Negeri1 Bidang PR. Rasid L, teachers, Head of OSIS Rahmat Abidin, and Secretary of OSIS Surya Musdalifa, and about 900 students. This activity starts at 06:45 and ends at 07.30 Wita.

"Alhamdulillah, this greening activity will be continued and we will continue to enliven.Insha Allah 21st of September 2013 we will do environmental action in Bonto Bulaeng Village in the form of tree planting, where we are currently coordinating with the Forestry and Plantation Service and Bapedalda Bantaeng , "said Rahmat Abidin as Chairman of OSIS who is now sitting in class III.

Previously, ENO Tree Planting Day in Bantaeng has been held in SMA Negeri 2 Bantaeng, SMK Negeri 1 Bantaeng, SMA Negeri 1 Bantaeng, SMP Negeri 1 Bantaeng, SD 5 Bantaeng, SD 2 Bantaeng and Ahlu Suffah Pesantren, has also penetrated into Ibtidaiyah , Tsanawiyah and Aliyah Muhammadiyah Bantaeng."All of these activities are held in cooperation and coordination that is established for the realization of Bantaeng Hijau and Banteng Bersih," said Syahrul. (Syahrul Bayan / Arn)

* Syahrul Bayan is Coordinator of ENO Green Cities of South Sulawesi.

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