Enough 1 Drops Only, Then New Life Begins

Enough 1 Drops Only, Then New Life Begins

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The left side of the pond water has been used Biotetes treatment for 4 days, and the right water control pond without biotetes, location Mersing Johor Bahru.

Water is the most important element in supporting human life, without water there is no life, then the technology related to water is needed for human survival, so than it has been more than 10 years I developed biotechnology to improve water quality without chemical process, the concept of water can improve itself or its bio dynamic dynamic language.

I have been testing for static fish ponds, or fish ponds without water coming in and watering out, usually pond models like this are a lot of problems, because of the lack of oxygen supply, but for me this is a model pond that can overcome the problem of fish diseases, which are usually carried from outside the pool when the water comes in, this thinking started when Koi Herpes Virus was endemic in the 2000s, so I made biotechnology to be able to make bio cycle dynamic can run.

The dynamic bio cycle concept of the dialam is already running like in the sea, or in the lake, the food chain runs continuously, the fish eats the plankton, then discharges the liquid and solid debris, then decomposes by the decomposing bacteria, this process produces small volume nutrients, which are absorbed by phytoplankton and zooplankton, phytoplankton during the day berphotosyntesa when subjected to sunlight, the result is dissolved oxygen utilized by the fish, this cycle runs continuously, making life diair dynamic.

In Mersing where biotetes trial for dairy cattle, there is a pool of water reservoirs, because the population of cows continues to grow, then the need for water becomes imperative, so that the newly created water reservoirs are created, the water spring is quite strong, so the 2 meter deep pond pool is directly flooded water, the pool area is approximately 200 meters long, 6 meters wide and 2 meters deep, and the water is cloudy because it is newly dug, then I suggest to give 1 bottle of 10 ml biotetes for the pool of water and repeat every 2 weeks 1 times, if calculated the dosage I can detail as follows:

200 x 6 x 2 = 2400: 200 = 12

1 bottle Biotetes = 10 ml = 200 drops

Then 1 drop for 12 m3 water every 2 weeks.

Very small doses, no hassles and biotetes work fast in 4 days, the pool water catches clear and the waste of the former wood roots all float, and gather at the end of the pool when blown, so cleaning the pond becomes easy.

The pool water is darker and darker, it's the old pool.

This new pool is clear water after the application of biotetes for 4 days, root waste floats and gathered at the end of the pool when blown by the wind, its easy to clean.When compared with the old pond, the clarity of the water is very much different, Biotetes do not bother the application, just in stocking, biotetes work alone, then selnjutnya water can improve itself.

Biotetes can be applied not only for cultivation, can also clear the well water, can eliminate the smell of lime, stabilize the pH of the water, with very small doses, and easy application, can be a SOLUTION for water problems for everyday household needs, also for greater needs, such as wastewater treatment and others.

Innovation makes that impossible to be possible

Greetings innovation

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