Enough! Do not Bully Bekasi Again. This Beautiful Place Will Make Bekasi Lekat in Heart

Enough! Do not

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What comes to mind when you hear the word BEKASI? Most of the time, most of them are negative thoughts while smiling badly. Maybe you immediately think that Bekasi is synonymous with congestion, big trucks, broken roads, until the planet jauuuuuh from Earth. Naturally, because in 2014 and Bekasi became famous because dibully all-out netizens because of the chaotic circumstances of the city at that time.

Enough! Do not bully again Bekasi and its citizens. Kan kasian Bekasi girls if they dibully continue, sister. Moreover, there are some beautiful places that exist in Bekasi. It could be a tourist spot or a great place to take photos. You do not believe it? Okay, Hipwee this time would love to know the charm of Bekasi who had been covered in dust. Eh.

Bekasi has a beach loh it turns, Beach Muara Beting kece also

Bedu: Sis, if I go to Bekasi to go to the beach

Ijah: Lah, Bekasi has a beach?

Bedu: Well ngece, there it is

There is a beach in Bekasi, called Pantai Muara Beting. Good also turned out the scenery gaes. Located 42 km from the city of Bekasi, this beach is very easy to reach. On this beach there is a nature reserve where there is a mangrove forest and some animals as well. There are langurs and marsh crocodiles also turned out. Well may ya beach. Suitable for family holidays on tuh weekend.

If you confuse the location, ya we love the address yes. Pantai Muara Beting is located in the Village of Happy Beach, Muara Gembong Sub-district, Bekasi. Yes, if the peak again jamming mending point your vehicle to this beach, right?

If you are indicated by a land crocodile, stop by Taman Crocodile Jaya. Captive crocodile that okay have

Ijah: Bro, when is the relationship again? Yes, your brother.

Bedu: Brother? Where is Sis?Ijah: That's tuh, Crocodile Park in Bekasi. Kan lu crocodile land, Bro!

Bedu: Mukegileeee

This is also one of the destinations that you should not miss fit to visit Bekasi. Crocodile Park was built in 1990 and became a shelter and captivity of crocodiles. Not only that, you can also watch the hatching of crocodile eggs and a baby shelter pool. Ih must be funny deh sure, baby face so.

Uniquely again, there will be a show of debus between humans versus crocodiles and snakes every Sunday. Brilliant! Entrance ticket to Crocodile Park is Rp 30.000, – only. If you do not know the place, try searching Google Maps, Taman Crocodile Jaya, Jalan Raya Serang Cibarusah, Sukaragam Village, Bekasi.

Bekasi, ya base a lot of buaya, haha.

It takes time to be alone and relax in the afternoon, take a bike around Lake Cibeureum, Bro!

Bedu: Sis, cycling yuk.

Ijah: Do not want ah, most want to cycling in my heart right? Gombal.

Bedu: Jiah, I'm very confident. I want to borrow your bike.

Ijah: Kmvrt. Already single. Not capital.

You like biking or jogging? Come to Cibeureum Lake. Around the lake area is perfect for exercising and gathering with your community. Can also for instameet times for Instagram gatherers. The point is, really cool clay lake than dissolved with the hustle and bustle of Bekasi.Cibeureum Lake is located in Lambang Sari and Lambang Jaya Village, Tambun District and has 2 hectares area. Do not forget, there is an island in the middle of the lake that could be the most kece to take pictures with friends, spouses or family.

Want a More Adem, Curug Parigi Can Be a Mainstay Destination at the Weekend

Ijah: Bro, mudik yuk.

Bedu: Where to go? Kan Gue original Bekasi.

Ijah: Bantargebang. Birthplace of Lu.

Bedu: Mukegileee. Eh gapapa ding, there is Curug Parigi kok.

The Bantargebang dump is already synonymous with something dirty, right yes. Well, there is something interesting loh around Bantargebang. There is a waterfall or waterfall called Curug Parigi. Curug who is nge-trend among users Instagram is pretty good really. Fairly for you to enjoy with your friends while waiting for twilight so.

The origin of this curug he said hell because it used to be dredged for the sand. So yes yes, the fault river is wide enough. Come fits the rainy season gaes, rich this season. Water discharge enough and fun for the photos of the present.

Although Famous Hot and Stalled, Bekasi Apparently Has Ciamik City Forest!

Bedu: Dih, really hot city. Loss again.

Ijah: Emang nih, rich on Planet Namec.Bedu: Lah, on Planet Namec instead of hot ya ?.

Ijah: It's not hot, just your face looks like Piccolo.

Already often Bekasi dibully because urban problems are less well organized. Either the road problem, infrastructure, garbage, until congestion. Well, who would have thought in this city there are urban forests that make your heart and soul drought. Rimbunnya trees and jogging tracks in this forest make us feel at home linger here.

Located on Jalan Raya Veteran, Margahayu, more precisely in South Bekasi area. This city forest can be the most cheap and soothing alternative tourism. Breathe clean air and chatting with hand taulan can be a potent medicine from the dense activity in the capital.

Enjoy the Central City Twilight at Beautiful Lake Marakash!

Ijah: Bro, sunset yuk

Bedu: Woi is Bekasi woi, boro boro sunset

Ijah: Heh, there's Lake Marakas, Bro!

Bedu: Ah do not go far ah. Want to enjoy the sunset in your eyes aja deh.

The best afternoon activity done at leisure time is to wait for dusk. It will be more meaningful with family and loved ones. Well, Bekasi also have a place kece make picking twilight. We can visit Lake Marakas in Permata Purple Housing Complex. Well, once the artificial lake was built by this housing developer.

You can wait for dusk while fishing, culinary tasting, can also just sit relax by the lake. If Sunday will be very crowded here. Especially if the month of Ramadan, can be used to be the most fun place ngabuburit. There will also be a night market around this lake. Interesting is not it? Immediately datengin Lake Marakas, spot nyunset in Bekasi.Want to the West Looking for Scripture Can to Hok Lay Kiong Bro Hockey!

Ijah: Eh do not know if there is a Pagoda in Bekasi hundreds of years so?

Bedu: Any time? Can photos of Tong Tong Tong style so dong

Ijah: Well, good luck. Lu fits Pat Kay, Bro!

After the natural and artificial tourism, Bekasi also has a religious tour also loh. In this city stands hundreds of years old pagoda often called Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda. Interestingly, this temple can be worshiped by three religious people at once, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. This pagoda will be really excited dikunjungin during the Lunar New Year. There are several events there such as the lion carnival, the release of turtles in the Bekasi River, to the purification ceremony of the statues of the gods.

Feel the feel of China in this Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda. Moreover, the building is very cool if you upload on Instagram or Facebook. As long as Imlek, agendakan ya!

The Sparkling Pyramid of Summarecon is now a Bekasi Men Ikon City!

Ijah: Gile nih temen Gue abis showing off photos at the Louvre. Mupeng deh.

Bedu: Clay at IG huh? Yes in Bekasi aja kok. Summarecon aja noh.

Ijah: Hah, mukegile. That's the reverse, rich Lu.

You must know the Louvre Museum in Paris, travelers? You also know, if this museum form is a transparent form of glass pyramid. Lots of tourists from different parts of the world take pictures in front of him. Well, for those of you who want a photo in the Louvre but not accomplished, Bekasi could be an attractive alternative loh. There is a city icon similar to Louvre but upside down that could be background for you. People often call it the Summarecon Reversed Pyramid.So the pyramid is actually made for the arrangement of elite residential area, Summarecon, Bekasi. This pyramid is the work of Iman Ashar who won this iconic iconic Summarecon. Now, this pyramid is increasingly famous and become a new identity of Bekasi City. Enjoy the night when the pyramid is glowing colorfully. Beautiful!

Well, already believe it if Bekasi have a charm that makes sticking in the heart? Yeah, it's hard to believe. At first we do not believe it either. But after really know the curves of the beauty of Bekasi sure deh want to visit there. Moreover chick is cute too. Salute deh for Bekasi. So, no bully membully again yes.

Happy holiday to Bekasi, travelers. Later guaranteed more love deh same girl Bekasi.

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