Environmental Factors That Influence Teens

Environmental Factors That Influence Teens

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In the book Sociology of the Family: About the Family, Youth and Children's Completion, Soerjono Soekanto (2004: 70), describes some types of environments that may affect teen behavior:

a. Parents, brothers and relatives, this is the first environment that gives influence in adolescents. Through this environment, adolescents recognize the environment and the types of subsequent associations that will add many other influences. Teen age is the age of transition where still in search of a particular identity, where the search for this identity first fixed on the figure in the parents, relatives or siblings. If it is not obtained from this parent, relative or relative, then the search for that identity will move on to the next neighborhood, be a friend or friend in school.

Some of the things that disrupt or disrupt the process of assimilating teenagers with their families so that teenagers are looking for comfort to mingle outside the family are:

1) There is no mutual understanding of the fundamentals of common life

2) The occurrence of a conflict on autonomy, where one parent wants to have his / her own child, on the other hand the family

3) The occurrence of conflicts of values ??that are not unified

4) Excessive parental control and supervision

5) Lack of mutual help and family happiness

6) There is a problem in the relationship between father and mother

7) A large number of children who lack the love of parents

8) Intervention of outsiders9) Socioeconomic position that is below standard

10) Unequal parental work, such as the mother's position higher than the father.

11) Aspiration of parents who are not adapted to the fact that happened

12) Conception of the family's role that deviates from reality

13) The emergence of favoritism among family members, this will lead to uneven and equitable concern among the family members

14) Rupture of families caused by the conflict of father, mother and children

15) Sharp competition amongst prominent children

All conditions are not conducive to the formation of the personality of the above teenager, if it occurs, then the first to be the victim is his / her children especially in adolescence, where the figure of role models is still needed in the frame of identity formation.

b. Group games, a playmate outside the home and outside school, can affect both positive and negative teenagers.

c. Educational group, ie association in school, involving student association with teacher, and student with student. The existence of habituation in good and noble acts in school, is expected to give a positive influence in the formation of good characters and habits for adolescents, because the school environment also plays a role in influencing the behavior of teenagers.

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