Environmental permit is revoked, PT SI is required to fulfill four conditions

Environmental permit isCentral Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo revoked environmental permit PT Semen Indonesia in Rembang, Central Java. The revocation of this permit is contained in the Governor's Decree No. 6601/4 of 2017 dated January 16, 2017 on the revocation of Governor's Decree No. 660.1 / 30 of 2016 concerning Environmental Permit for Raw Material and Construction Activities and Operation of Cement Plant of PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

The company is required to take several steps to be able to resume operations around Gunung Kendeng area, Rembang regency, Central Java. This step has to be done because it is in accordance with the Supreme Court (MA) Re-Challenge (MA)'s decision to win the Rembang Farmers and Non-Governmental Organization (Walhi) farmers' claim, numbered 99 PK / TUN / 2016 dated October 5, 2016.

"The assessment of the legal document must first comply with the order of the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice in which there are four orders, so that the previous EIA documents were judged by the Court of Justice (MA) to be defective in the process and procedure, sustainability of the system as a result, the third is related to the concrete solution of the community's clean water needs, as well as the concrete solution for the water needs of agriculture, "said Amwi Central Government Assessment Commission member Dwi P Sasongko at Wisma Perdamaian, Tugu Muda Area, Semarang City, Central Java, 16/1).

Dwi who is also Head of Environmental Research Center Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang revealed that these four things should be accommodated by the initiator in the amdal document updated by PT SI.

"So if it is renewed then it becomes the consideration of the amdal assessment commission to judge whether it is feasible or not feasible, but if one is not fulfilled in contradiction with the governor, then the governor will not issue a new permit.Therefore, the first condition of the court order must be fulfilled first So the context, the Governor fulfilled the revocation order, it was revoked, then the reason for the revocation in the order of the assembly was four, which should be fulfilled by the initiator if they want to continue the activity, "he said.

In addition, Dwi stated that if amdal repair has been done and considered feasible, then PT SI must make intensive socialization effort to society related document of EIA.

"Well, this is directed by the Governor, there should be intensive socialization with the community, so after the technical aspects are deemed feasible, then by the AMD commission assessor team considered the ecological aspect of the environment is considered feasible then we get technical feasibility and ecological feasibility, plus one more, socially acceptable, so this is very important, after a feasible and technically feasible environment should be socially acceptable.It is emphasized by the Governor that this activity should involve all social societies, "he explained.

The feasibility and improvement of the Amendment of Rembang cement according to Dwi must be in accordance with the verdict of PK PK. Then also the socialization process of the EIA also must be in accordance with the existing legislation.

"The socialization must be done by the initiator (PT SI), which is the form of the involvement of the people whose process is regulated in the legislation." Regarding the ball according to Mr. Gub's order, Mr. Gub has revoked, it is up to the cement proponents. If they are to succeed, the feasibility of fulfilling all court orders, "he explained.

Community involvement in the socialization process of EIA according to Dwi is very important. Moreover, the current step of Governor Ganjar to revoke the environmental permit is in accordance with the decision of the PK PK.

"The obligation of Mr. Gub is ordered to revoke him, he has revoked it, because there is consideration of investment aspect and others it is up to him, but the obligation has been fulfilled, there must be socialization, there must be community involvement in document repair (amdal)," he said. .Related to the pros and cons, Dwi said there must be a joint settlement process of all parties concerned about the existence of PT SI cement factory.

"Yes it is a problem that must be addressed by many parties, I am confident that the initiator should be able to allocate human resources and energy to carry out socialization activities, and the government also has an obligation to maintain conducive investment so the government also has the obligation to socialize to securing government programs, "he said.

Dwi added, if in conducting the process of dissemination of the revision or amdal amendment in accordance with the order of the ruling of the Supreme Court must be to all parties. Both those who support pro and who refuse.

"Here one should not make the dichotomy of the pros and cons of the parties, first, the party around the ring of the first biography, Ring I, Ring II, Ring III yes about cement, the second, the stratum officials from the village head to the community. should be involved all, "he concluded.


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