Environmental Sustainability Is in the Hand of This Force

Environmental Sustainability Is in the Hand of This ForceMan and the environment are an inseparable unity. Humans live in nature. The existence and condition of human life is largely determined by the existence and environmental conditions. If the condition of healthy environment then healthy also human life. This is due to a symbiotic relationship of mutualism between humans and the environment.

Enjoying a healthy living environment is a basic human right. In Indonesia, this right is protected by the state. Protection of rights is set forth in the form of law. This means the state takes responsibility for maintaining the existence of a healthy environment for its people.

Currently, environmental protection and management in Indonesia is regulated in Law Number 32 Year 2009 (UUPPLH). This law is determined with the consideration of environmental conditions declining and threatening the sustainability of living things so that the need to do environmental protection and management in accordance with environmental capabilities.

In the law mentioned some principles that become the basis of environmental management. The principle underlying all these environmental principles is the principle of Sustainable Development. Simply put, the definition of this principle is environmental management with due regard to environmental sustainability. The foundation of this principle is that the next generation will have the same rights as the current generation to enjoy the environment.

Based on the principle of Sustainable Development, the management of natural resources that is very massive to damaging the environment is a violation of the rights of future generations. Therefore, the present generation should ensure that the development undertaken at this time has no impact on the environmental damage that the future generations will experience.

Unfortunately, the condition that occurs today is the generation of our predecessors are already doing development that does not consider the environmental conditions. Development is done with a very massive to the extent of environmental capabilities. So there is environmental damage everywhere.

Naturally, the environment actually has a capacity and resilience. Capacity is the ability of the environment to absorb any foreign components that enter or be incorporated into it and resilience is the ability of the environment to repair itself when damage occurs. Good development is development that takes into account these two forces. But this has not been applied consistently by the generation of our predecessors.

Development that impact on environmental damage in Indonesia

The history of environmental management in Indonesia began since Indonesia proclaimed its independence. In the early days of independence, Indonesia needed a lot of funds to do development. Because Indonesia has just become independent, development must be done from the bottom so it needs a very large fund. So, at that time the Government of Indonesia berinsiatif to manage natural resources (SDA). Unfortunately, the management of natural resources is done so massively that there is environmental damage.

Emil Salim, former Minister of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia in his book Hundreds of Nations Destroying the Earth, mentions that nature has laws. In order for environmental management not to destroy the earth, people should understand the laws of nature and build on the principles of natural law. But this principle was not applied during the development period in Indonesia.

Massive development that leaves the environmental damage that happens everywhere. It is the generation now who is feeling the effects of the environmental damage. The once clean air, now full of emissions from dangerous industries and motor vehicles if inhaled constantly. The once clear river was discolored and gave off an unpleasant odor. Including the temperatures of the earth that once cool so comfortable to live in now heats up so that the ikim becomes irregular and extreme weather more frequent.Global environmental conditions and the efforts of countries

It turns out that massive natural resource management is done by almost all the nations of the world, until environmental damage is on a global scale. The impact is increasingly felt, especially global warming. This condition makes the nations take the initiative to conduct an international-scale meeting to discuss environmental issues.

From the meeting of these countries the principles of development are adopted into declarations, conventions and international agreements agreed upon by States. The principle requires countries to work to manage the environment in their jurisdiction by considering environmental conditions in order not to cause environmental damage and injure the rights of future generations. The majority of countries ratify the treaties include Indonesia.

Even on the issue of global warming and climate change, Indonesia is committed to reducing 26% of its greenhouse gas emissions from global greenhouse gas emissions by its own efforts and 46% of greenhouse gas emissions from global greenhouse gas emissions with foreign aid.

What does it have to do with us?

The young generation at this time was the labor force. In the young generation the resource management relay baton is diverted from the generation of the predecessor. Whether we realize it or not, we are the labor force. As a work force, we are the future determinants of policy direction of environmental management and development of Indonesia. Does our nation continue to build without regard to the environment or vice versa.

In our hands the fate of environmental sustainability and the fate of generations to come. We determine whether our children and grandchildren feel the adverse impact of development that is not environmentally friendly.

By understanding environmental issues and realizing our position as a workforce, we can begin to take part in managing the right environment. If this generation acknowledges or does not even understand the issue of environmental damage, it can be ascertained that the environmental damage will be worse until the conditions of human harm. Moreover, the current environmental conditions are already at the point of vulnerability and urgent an environmental protection measures carried out.

Our generation also needs to be aware of the development of global efforts to apply the principles of sustainable development and greenhouse gas reduction efforts so that we can compare our position with other nations. This is important so that we can safeguard the course of development in Indonesia and the application of environmental principles undertaken by the Government.

Moreover, the time will come when the authority to make policies and strategic positions in government and policy makers move on to our hands. At that time, this environmentally conscious generation will change the environmental management policy to environmental management that takes into account environmental aspects. This is very likely if our generation has realized that the environment needs to be managed according to the principles of natural law.

Then, what should we do?Start to realize that the current environment is already in a condition of worry and need special handling. Then, realize that proper environmental management is done by taking into account the laws of nature.

Starting from the simplest things by getting used to living by applying the principles of true environmental development in every effort and work that we do.

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