Escape and Hurt, Doctor Shocked Incredibly Seen the North Korean Army’s Stomach Contents

Escape and Hurt,Again and again the world was intrigued by what really happened in North Korea. This isolated country always leaves a question mark. In addition to Kim Jong-Un's excessive obsession with his nuclear, many sides of North Korean life are mysterious and never revealed. Like the mysterious case that has just been revealed.

The story begins when a North Korean soldier flees and crosses the demilitarized zone with the stolen jeep he is carrying. Nahas, the soldier was shot by AK47 rifle from the Pyongyang army and lying among the foliage in critical condition. But there is something that makes the doctor stunned after examining the wound, not because of his gunshot wounds, but because his stomach filled with worms with the longest size 27cm. BBC even mentioned that this worm is the doctor's first findings during his 20-year career. Rather than increasingly confusing your curious, please see the following Hipwee News and Feature description yes!

North Korean troops defected and made a dramatic escape into the demilitarized zone and were found by South Korean soldiers

A North Korean soldier suspected in his 20s defected and fled to a military-free zone near the South Korean border. He escaped with a stolen jeep vehicle. Not without direction, the fleeing soldier was shot by Pyongyang soldiers with AK47 and suffered injuries to his shoulders, knees, and hands. Luckily, the South Korean soldiers found him and immediately took him to the doctor to save his life.

Not about the gunshot wound, the doctor was stunned by the contents of the soldier containing parasitic worms

Lee Cook-jong, a different doctor who led the way of operations against the soldier was surprised by the findings he accidentally saw. The soldier's stomach contents contained a parasitic worm with the longest size of 27cm.

The first findings during my 20-year career as a surgeon, and so far I've only seen in textbooks. Lee Cook-jong through the BBC.

Lee then shows the photos of the stomach of the soldier to the media, parasitic worms that seem very unusual. Surely the entrails of this army we can not conclude as a picture of the overall condition of North Korean society. But given that the army in North Korea has a fairly elite position, it should not be a soldier's disease. This finding actually makes us wonder, if a soldier just suffer from diseases like this let alone civilians and ordinary people ?!

Speculation experts: fertilizer used Korut for food made from human waste

Experts speculate that something is wrong about North Korea's daily eating habits. From the results of medical examination, the stomach contents of the soldiers are corn shot. Means North Korea to eat corn to meet daily dietary needs. This is only natural because North Korea has experienced severe drought since 2001 and can no longer use rice as the main staple food.

In addition to drought North Korea also requires fertilizer for farming. But an expert says that North Korea is also experiencing shortages so it uses fertilizer from human waste and this is what causes parasitic infections.The rate of parasitic infection and the number (parasite) should be low for its age. But many parasites are found. Although this is an indirect proof, I believe that this parasitic problem still exists (in North Korea), Hong Sung-tae, a professor in the department of parasitology and tropical diseases at National University College of Medicine, Seoul, through the BBC.

This discovery has made the international community question the standard of health and living standards in North Korea

For decades North Korea has been isolated from the world around. A South Korean researcher studying the health of defectors from North Korea even finds that their average disease is a chronic disease such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, and parasitic infections.

A person can be exposed to parasites through several things. For example through insects that bite food that will be eaten by humans, to enter through the skin. The possibility of parasites in the soldier's stomach is the result of unhygienic food contamination.

Through this case many citizens have commented that life in North Korea is like hell far from habitable. Starting from strict rules, to basic needs that seem difficult to meet. How long will North Korea be like this ?!

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