Even small towns need greening

Even small towns need greeningBy: Nur Afni Anwar
Faculty of Psychology Unpad

Along with the widespread global warming issues that hit the earth in recent years, trigger the growing awareness of the world community to maintain and restore the state of the earth that is not green as before. Various ways and methods have been done by many people to restore the greenness of the earth, one of them through the system of Planting A Thousand Trees is an attempt made to create a green environment by planting many trees at one time. Usually the action Planting A Thousand Trees is done by a group of people who really care about the environment, especially people who live in big cities. However, are these actions only done in big cities? What about the small towns that are now beginning to lose their greenness?

We call it Jatinangor area, one of the small towns in Bandung. Jatinangor area is famous among the students because in this area are many very famous colleges such as Padjadjaran University, IKOPIN, STPDN, and the University of Winaya Mukti. The college of course requires a large enough land to be able to erect their campus buildings and buildings so that the existing lands in Jatinangor also start to decrease, especially the forest area. Of course this can be one of the causes of the decline of the green environment in Jatinangor and precisely cause aridity.

Most of the students in Jatinangor often complain about it. The lack of green plants and trees on the roadside resulted in the Jatinangor area more hot and more arid, especially during the daytime where the students do more campus and non-campus activities that require students to do activities in the outside environment. With such circumstances, students may become reluctant and lazy to move during the day. Not to mention this is worsened by the congestion that often occurs due to the density of vehicles and street vendors that make Jatinangor seem more polluted although in fact Jatinangor is not one of the major cities in Indonesia which is always worried about the environment due to the influence of pollution.

Therefore, it is necessary to do the action of Planting A Thousand Trees for Jatinangor area to reduce pollution pollution which is often complained by students in general. This action can be done by students in Jatinangor as a social activity or as a student activity that can be felt for the benefit of the society, the environment, even for the students themselves.

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