Evidence of Indonesia Lacking Problems of Wildlife Protection, Dolphins Only Transported Aircraft Without Water

Evidence of IndonesiaAlthough Indonesia is believed to be one of the treasures of the world's flora and fauna, it seems that the awareness of citizens and the government for the protection of animals is still very low. From the sadness of the fate of the starving bears in the zoo of Bandung which is so the spotlight of international media, until the discovery of dolphins in the list of Sriwijaya Air aircraft destination Balikpapan today. In spite of these two issues, activists from various NGOs have been attempting to petition the government over the past few years. But until now, the practice of animal cruelty is still ongoing in Indonesia.

Of the dozens of countries that enter the immigration path of rare dolphins nose bottle Indo Pacific, in fact only Indonesia that still has not prohibited circus circus dolphins. The government argues that this dolphin placement is strictly regulated and only three places hold permits, namely Ancol in Jakarta, Safari Park in Cisarua, and Wersut Seguni Indonesia (WSI) in Semarang. But in reality, in the market sekaten Yogyakarta end of 2016 and then can still be found circus dolphins. Dolphins transported to Balikpapan today are also rumored from Ancol. Although the Sriwijaya Air claimed to have met the required procedures, but the purpose of transportation to Balikpapan is also still unclear.

Circus circus dolphins are still rife in Indonesia. Under the guise of education, but still a form of exploitation

There are still many parents in Indonesia to invite their children to enjoy the performances of dolphins around, with the excuse of education and entertainment. In fact, similar things have been banned in almost all the world because it is considered threatening the dolphins are psychic and physical. It is also known that marine mammals are difficult to maintain outside their habitat, especially if they have to travel around. Is it not a form of exploitation?

NGO activists working in the wildlife and environment view this activity as harassing the value of education and conservation, not educating at all. By separating them from their habitat, it is as much a threat to their survival. Torture no doubt, just imagine how narrow the plastic tent with a pond that is too small compared with the sea as the original habitat of the dolphins. Not to mention the hot conditions, and they have to travel to other cities by truck. It is not impossible anymore if this intelligent animal will be stressed and quickly die.

You must know that not only human beings have basic rights, animals do. Mirisnya, online petitions signed nearly 100 thousand people were ignored

Every October 15, always commemorated as International Animal Rights Day. So, not only humans who have human rights and should be protected? Human Rights Day is born from a universal declaration of animal welfare supported by 46 countries and 330 animal support groups. The background is due to concern over the many cases of animal abuse that often occur on the circus stage.

Animal Rights itself consists of 5 freedoms. That is, free of thirst and hunger, discomfort, expressing natural behavior, stress and fear, and being hurt and sick. Makin here, it can be seen that our society is also more intelligent and understand about animal welfare issues. Online and offline protests have been repeated. In fact, in 2012, support to stop circus dolphins circulating in Indonesia continues to arrive. More than 90,000 people have signed the petition. And ironically, the government is completely ignored.

How to be terminated, the government just mention it is not at all breaking the rules really. Lho pak, then that is stated in Law No.5 of 1990 is how?

Public pressure to stop this circus of dolphins is still refuted by the government. According to them, the circus of dolphins in Indonesia does not violate the rules, as long as it meets a number of regulations and requirements related to animal welfare. Prosperous how if this poor animal is always made hungry to be easy to obey? Moreover, several times also found if the process of catching these dolphins are also suspected to be illegal, by trapping him in Karimunjawa waters.

Then, how are you? 5 of 1990 on the Conservation of Biological Nature and its Ecosystem? The Act states that it is prohibited to arrest, injure, kill, store, possess, keep, transport, and keep protected animals alive or dead. Exceptions are for research, science, and or rescue. What's this law Mr. Minister?Bolivia is the first country in the world to ban the use of animals in the circus. Following later Mexico, Australia, and many other countries. Indonesia when?

The animals used in the circus will lead a cruel and stressful life, confined to small cages and continuously transported thousands of miles from town to town. This life does not give them the opportunity to have enough food, water, sports or veterinary care. Aware of this, in 2009, the Bolivian Congress passed a law to ban the use of all wild animals and pets involved in the circus.

The law imposes fines and imprisonment on the perpetrators. Following later in 2015, the governments of Australia and Mexico passed a similar law. Even in Mexico, for animal abusers can be fined up to $ 225,000. In total there are currently 30 countries around the world prohibiting animal circus performances. Indonesia when will they follow?

If you really care about this issue, do not watch the animal circus at the zoo or anywhere else. Believe me, behind the circus and photos with them, there is a physical exploitation and violence that they feel

If you care, please do not watch the animal circus anymore. Do not eat meat protected animals such as sharks and dolphins, for example. Find out where your food comes from. Like humans, you must respect the rights of animals as living beings. In addition to the circus performances of animals, circuses in the zoo are actually not needed. Your vacation will still be fun, without enjoying the suffering of animals that became the object of the show, believe me. If the government has not been able, let's together we stop the practice of cruelty to wildlife.

For educational reasons, parents may be able to introduce their child about dolphins and other animals through reading in books or watching educational shows on television, yes if the choice is rather than watching the circus of various animals that actually hurt them.

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