Examples of Human Rights Violations 2016-2017

Examples of Human Rights Violations 2016-2017

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1.Australia insists on death penalty

Now Australia reaffirms the death penalty. According to the Australian foreign ministry, Monday, October 10, 2016, the death penalty is a violation of human rights and a cruel and inhuman act. The Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said he would do a strong advocate on the abolition of the death penalty, including through the United Nations Human Rights Council

2.The sixth anniversary tortured boy to death

13 November 016, team doctor RSUD Major General HA who mengautopsi Ang is 6-year-old boy who died because of his stepfather's beating. The victim died from a wound in the back of the head. At that moment the victim's mother was washing clothes in the river not far from his home. The victim's mother was shocked and shocked to see her son Ang was dead. Several hours later the police arrested IS, the stepfather who had the heart to kill the victim's life. The trigger for the panhandler is trivial, that is because the child does not want to stop crying and make his stepfather upset.

3.Bullying occurs in SMA 3 Jakarta, female students are forced to wear a bra and smoking

03 May 016, re-enactment takes place, and it is now happening in SMA 3 Jakarta. This was evident after the video uploads in circulation and became a lot of community talk. In the video, seen some students are squatting in front of his seniors. Even in the video, spoken words that do not deserve to be spoken like a "recording".

Then, a student is forced to wear a bra and forced to smoke, and there is even a head cursed by water in a bottle. Polsek Setiabudi Kompol Tri Yulianto who confirmed when it was done in SMA 3 jakarta in Setiabudi. The police handed over to the school to make a settlement. However, it is not yet known the motives of senior students are doing bullying.


Dealing with human rights violations, the death penalty does look very mean. For some people do not agree with the death penalty. And there are even countries that abolish the death penalty, while there are also some people who support the punishment. The death penalty does not violate the Constitution, but may violate human rights. All human beings have the right to survive and be given the opportunity to change. However, some countries have a perception of "Better to eliminate 1 life than lose many lives".

And there are also cases of human rights to children and students. For example a father who kills his son for not wanting to stop crying, when the child cried because the child may feel something, like he may be hungry and others. And there are cases of assertion, the case is a human rights violation where they are some senior people who feel that they are the highest level that shame their junior with something that is not good and inappropriate.

When in fact they have the right to be treated properly and learn calmly, instead of getting indecent treatment. Both of these cases have been prohibited in the 1945 Constitution No. 35 of 2014 on the amendment to Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection article 76C"Every person shall be prohibited from placing, letting, committing, ordering or taking part in violence against a child" and will be punished according to Article 80 (I) of Law Number 35 of 2002 "Anyone who violates the provisions referred to in article 76C, sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 3 years and 6 months and / or a maximum fine of Rp 72,000,000.00 "

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