Executive Institution in Indonesian State Administration

Executive Institution in Indonesian State AdministrationThe executive branch is one of the most important and most highlighted state institutions in the running of the Indonesian government. Where this executive institution as the implementing institution of the established law and perform the functions of government in a country. These executive bodies include presidents and vice presidents, ministers, government at the local level such as governors, regents / mayors, subdistrict heads, and village heads. This executive institution is more familiar with the name of the government. In the performance of this executive institution, especially the president who is the head of state as well as the governmental coconut in the governance system in Indonesia becomes a benchmark for the passage of a country, both domestically and abroad.

The executive can be judged by several easy-to-see factors such as economic, cultural, educational, etc., all of which are for the welfare of the people. The tasks of this executive or government institution are mostly listed in the fourth alenia in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution which existed on August 18, 1945, namely to promote the general welfare, to educate the life of the nation and to carry out the world order based on independence, eternal peace and social justice .

The executive branch is also the implementing institution of the law already established by the legislature. In other words in the duties and obligations of executive agencies in the state of Indonesia also implement / enforce existing laws. In addition, in the 1945 Constitution has also mentioned the duties and authority of the executive institution is primarily the duty and authority of president and wakit president. So in the state administration in Indonesia are all already contained in the 1945 Constitution. By running the 1945 Constitution then the national and state life will be better and will be in accordance with the goals and ideals of the Indonesian nation.

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