Expedition Exploring Forests While Planting Trees in Buffalo Mount Palung Area

Expedition Exploring Forests

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As usual, Sispala Genta SMK Neger 1 Ketapang always routinely annually doing the expedition, this time the expedition was carried out in the span of three days (29-31 / 7/2017), last week, in the Cliffs Penage buffer zone, Gunuung Palung National Park TNGP) in North Kayong, West Kalimantan.

The activity is also at the same time inauguration of new member of 6th generation of Genta Sispala (Nature Lovers Movement). The activities they carried out in Sispala Expedition began on Saturday (29/7/2017) by exploring the forest (fieldtrip) from Bentangor to Cliff Penage degan across the hill Peramas with 4 hours travel distance.

After completing the journey and arriving on the edge of a small river (Air Intan), then the participants and the committee established bivak (place to sleep) around the foot of Mount Peramas then rest and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Evening filled with travel evaluation and giving materials about Gunung Palung National Park and Environmental Issues as well as materials related to the protection of the area and orangutans, the presentation material is filled by Hendri from Yayasan Palung and Nur Rohman from the National Park Hall of Palung (BTNGP).

As for why the content of the material needs to be conveyed, with the intention of new members of Genta Sispala to learn together and introduce related to what needs to be done for the environment and foster the spirit of love for the environment is no exception to the national park with its diversity.

The next day (30/7/2017) they consist of 17 new sispla members and 13 committees and escort continue Survival and mountaineering activities in the area of ??Penage Cliffs, afternoon they continue the journey to Mak Bagok Beach with distance about 1 hour drive from cliff penage then set up a bivouac and rest, night jurit night activities and the inauguration of new members Sispala Genta SMK Negeri 1 Ketapang.

In the event, there were also Genta Sispala's companions, Eriyadi Rasyid and from Yayasan Palung, Hendri Gunawan, Nur Rohman from BTNGP and Rudy Hartono (Yayasan Palung and FPTI Ketapang).

On the last day, Monday (31/7/2017), participants and committee, Sispala Genta took time to plant tree seedlings in the forest area of ??Mak Bagok area as many as 10 seeds consisting of durian, nyatoh and tengkawang seeds.

The entire series of activities of the expedition went well, no less than one and went according to plan. Furthermore, the committee and participants continue their hiking (trip) to Bentangor and then return to Ketapang by using Satpol PP Ketapang vehicle. Peter Kanisius- The Trench Foundation

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