Explore Exotic hilly tour around Malang

Explore Exotic hilly tour around MalangTalking about the beauty of Malang is never ending. Starting from the beaches are charming, to the area of ??forest and mountains are now heavily explored.

For tourists who like the cool and cool atmosphere, the hills can be the best choice to spend vacation time. Well, as a recommendation is the places that can be visited when you are in Malang.

On the Top of Flying Hill Imagination Fictitious Meliar

Hearing his name alone is curious. Although located in a remote area, this place has been visited by the hunters of natural beauty. The hill located in Tlekung-Dau Village, Malang Regency is being cleaned up, ready to compete with other tourist destinations that are now being developed around the area of ??Malang City.

Puncak Bukit Terbang is the most favorite place always crowded with visitors. There we are not only treated to beautiful natural scenery around, but also can enjoy the feel of rural deliberately packed in such a way. Some of the house buildings made of tree branches with pine-dried leaves invite the foot to step into it.

In addition to offering a unique view, around the area of ??Bukit Terbang there is also Parang Teja waterfall located quite far at the foot of the hill.

Enjoying the natural atmosphere above the Flying Imaginations the author had time to meliar. For a moment felt yourself transformed into a Snow White who was lost in the woods and found the dwarf's little hut. A moment later switched to becoming Jane Porter, Tarzan's lover of the jungle. Hadeeuh ….

Bukit Bulu a.k.a Batu Flower Garden

Initially this tourist destination known as Coban Rais adjust the waterfall name contained there. But then the local tourist area managers spread the wings not only explore the waterfall, but also penetrated the hill area after the discovery of a hill (gumuk). Around the mound was planted with flowers. At the time of the growing season the mound was transformed into a flowering hill and merupakn spot area beri self-ria most in demand.

Now Coban Rais is synonymous with the title of Flower Garden or abbreviated BFG.

BFG is located in Oro-oro Ombo Batu-Malang Village. The location is easy to reach, road access is very good and various supporting facilities are also quite adequate. Besides being able to sit around relaxing in the open surrounded by pine trees, we can also kongkow-kongkow riadi cafes that start mushrooming there.Also provided interesting rides such as hummock tower that has a height that trigger the adrenaline. For those of you who love challenges, leyeh-leyeh in hummock tower can be an exciting experience that will not be forgotten.

Bukit Bidadari Elegant No Terperi

Bukit Bidadari, as the name implies does have the beauty as beautiful as an angel. This place is in the same direction with the cross path to the tour of Mount Bromo. Precisely in the area Poncokusumo, Malang regency.

Bukit Bidadari is also still in the stage of revamping. Nevertheless, seeing the enthusiasm of visitors who never deserted, optimistic that the tourist destinations are managed by the local perhutani service has great potential to be a mainstay tourist area in Malang regency.

To get to the location of Bukit Bidadari is not too difficult. Road access is sufficient. From downtown we can use motor or 4 wheel vehicle smoothly.

How, interesting instead of cruising around the three hills? If you are planning to spend year-end holidays in Malang, do not hesitate to take the time to stop there yes.

Welcome to the New Year 2018. Let's enjoy the beauty of nature with gratitude.


Malang, December 29, 2017

Lilik Fatimah Azzahra

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