Extreme Weather Has Sacrificed Souls. From Pacitan and Jogja, Until the Missing Victim

Extreme Weather Has

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New Monday (27/11) yesterday Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released a statement of a cyclone or tropical storm called Cempaka which moves into the southern coastal area of ??Java Island. The cyclone can cause moderate to dense rain in some areas. Sure enough, since two days ago, the heavy rains went down unceasingly in cities in Java, including Yogyakarta. Due to the extreme weather, floods and landslides are reported to hit several areas such as Gunungkidul, Kulonprogo, and Bantul. Not a few houses, bridges, or trees fell because of the rain accompanied by strong winds.

Tuesday (28/11) yesterday at around 16:55 pm, Joint Team SAR managed to evacuate two victims buried avalanche talud Winongo River in Gedongtengen area, Yogyakarta. Both victims are grandmothers and grandchildren were found in a state of death. Here's more reviews from Hipwee News & Feature.

The 40-year-old grandmother was found dead in the position of hugging her grandson who is still 3 months old

Reported by Kompas, a talud located on top of the Winongo River, in Pringgokusuman, Gedongtengen, Yogyakarta City, crashed by heavy rain that flushed the area. Avalanche material hit a house of resident of RT 01 RW 01 Jlagran. The joint officers from the Police, TNI, Basarnas, SAR DIY, and volunteers evacuated the afternoon and managed to find the remains of a grandmother known as Amber, in a position to hug his grandson, Aurora.

When found, the late Ambar his position was curled up as prostrate while embracing Aurora. Looks protect his grandson, said Wahyu, Commander of Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) BPBD DIY, reported by Suara.com.

Hibur Pintono, Chairman of RW 1 Jlagran, Pringgokusuman, Gedongtengen, Yogyakarta said that the landslide housing belonged to Barjono (70), Ambar's husband. Until 19:15 pm yesterday, the joint SAR team is still trying to find the body of Barjono among landslide pile.

The impact of Cempaka cyclone is not only felt by Jogja people. Reportedly Pacitan precisely so the worst hit areas flooded and landslide

Floods and landslides also hit several areas in Pacitan, East Java. High pools of water vary from 50 to 150 cm. Reported by Tirto, there are at least 3 districts affected by the most severe floods, namely District Kebonagung, District Pacitan, and District Arjosari. The flood comes from the overflow of the Lorok River and the Grindulu River which is unable to accommodate the ever-increasing water debit. Some residents even declared missing. Allegedly due to drifting currents.

Due to severe disasters that access road from and to Pacitan can not be passed. Team of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of East Java Province and National SAR Agency that will assist the evacuation process until trapped in Ponorogo. Logistic assistance was also hampered as several segments of the yak line were closed.

Extreme weather that began to feel lately not only threaten Indonesia alone, but also some countries in the world

Extreme weather that we often feel lately is the fruit of climate change that threatens the world. The greatest impact of climate change is felt by island countries, including Indonesia. This is because the island states are vulnerable to rising sea levels or severe abrasions, leading to floods or landslides. In addition to Indonesia, some countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, or Thailand should be prepared with the coming of extreme weather lately.The Philippines itself is often called the country of a thousand storms and cyclones. In the last two decades, at least 283 countless disasters have visited the country. The worst is the Haiyan storm in 2013 that killed 10,000 people. Vietnam also did not lose. A total of 206 extreme phenomena have occurred there in the last two decades. While in 2011, Thailand has experienced severe floods that drowned 20,000 square kilometers of rice fields and plantations, and eliminate houses owned by 13.6 million people.

Climate change and extreme weather are inevitable. This phenomenon needs special handling from the government. As a people living in an archipelagic country, we should be prepared with all the challenges and threats of the disaster. One of them can be through disaster response training. Stay safe yes guys, wherever you are!

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