Eye Wash and Healthy Learning at Bandung Organic Vegetable Garden

Eye Wash and

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Vegetables sold in certain supermarkets are now mostly attached to organic labels. These organic vegetables are free of harmful antihama substances, also fertilization using organic fertilizers such as compost from wet garbage. Consumers can consume them with a sense of security, especially for those who are fond of serving vegetable juice for young children.

While visiting the place, in 2016, we were invited by Mrs. Zuhriati Arie. Apparently his vegetable garden belongs to his fellow alumni of ITB. Mr. Suparwan, who was once a career in a foreign company, is now filling his retirement with organic gardening.

Riding my partner's vehicle Mrs. Sasi William, we arrived first. Had circled once in the area Sarijadi, Bandung. In the end see also outlets and small garden Organic yard (famorganic). Because the real garden is in Parongpong. In this place there are also training services, workshops, services to create organic pages that are also aesthetically beautiful value.

Located at Jalan Cilandak 8, Sarijadi, North Bandung, more resembles a mini gallery house. In front of him a greenish urban-style greenery greeted anyone present. At the same time spoiling the eyes of anyone passing by. So hungry it feels to see the vertical garden fresh vegetables. Imagine a vegetable salad with mayonnaise sauce. Or gado-gado. There are bright yellow nasthurthum flowers whose leaves can be eaten as vegetables or salads. There are mint leaves planted dangling on the walls of concrete stones.

Wife of Mr. Suparwan, Mother Donor who alumni of Biology ITB explained us with various information about foreign plants that enliven this garden garden. In addition to vegetable and fruit seeds, there are also olive trees and tinned fruit. Dibanderol with the price is not too expensive for that special plant.

There is a Super Food nursery. The point is many types of plants that have high nutritional value, nutritious as herbs. All seeded and cultivated by means of harmful chemicals, and natural ways. Like using environmentally friendly compost fertilizer.

Many plants that are not on the market, nutritious health, sold here. There is also an herbal ingredient. Large amounts of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, mustard greens, etc. are marketed only in certain supermarkets. For the kale and vegetable seeds, it is also sold in ready-made seed pots. Beautifully packaged souvenirs in brown paper are displayed on the glass sideboard.

Because we are invited by Mrs. Zuhriati who notabene know the owner, we are invited to cross the street. Apparently it's the owner's house right across from this organic farm outlet.

The residence is also freshened fruit crops in pots, trees, shrubs and vegetables and flowers are neatly arranged. Up to the back of the attic was filled with plants. A cool backyard view. I am so motivated and inspired to imitate it. Decorate the house with greenery that can be eaten as well.

Accepted as a guest. Well, it's great to enjoy the cool water of organic lemon slices and mint leaves taken from the garden. And enjoy the fried organic taro.

The current chats are the knowledge of how hydroponic gardening, the properties of various herbal plants, including the origin of plant seeds here. It's time we turn to healthy living with vegetable and chemical-free fertilizers and pesticide residues.While enjoying the snack, me and some friends picked pariah hanging on the roof of the garage. It's a special kind, because the fruit is mini.

Lots of unique plant species that we rarely find in the market. There are super foods rich in properties such as wheatgrass, there is a rare Tin fruit tree, various lettuce, beautiful nasthurtium flowers but leaves good for salad or salad. There is also a leaf temurui tree aka curry leaves or often called aceh bay leaves.

Actually there are training packages, workshop packages, other packages equipped with lunch, snacks, and souvenirs. Unfortunately our visit that afternoon was too short and the time was too narrow because there was another agenda. So in my heart I have a plan to invite children to fill the holidays while studying and practicing, on Organic page alias Famorganik this.


The event continues into the real vegetable garden. Wide expanse in Parongpong area, West Bandung regency. Passing through Sergeant Bajuri Street, Colonel Masturi, including Kampung Daun, continued until we found the gardens laid out.

Vegetables are shaded by translucent roofs for the sun to enter, but heavy rainwater does not make the leaves rotten. With organic fertilizer and roasted husk, Lembang's soup with concentrated volcanic Tangkuban Perahu hundreds of years ago, organic vegetables thrive.

Certain types of plants are not easy to cultivate. Moreover, organic way that is free of pesticide, free of iinsektisida, mean handling prevention of horse must be more painstaking.

Mother Donor Suparwan conveys various ways of sowing treatment, breeding up to harvest periods. As the day dragged on, heavy rain, finally after pocketing some of the organic vegetables and seeds for souvenirs, we all left the cool area. While eating lunch in my mind, I should be able to cultivate at home. Organic vegetables ala urban farming.

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