FACT Because of Technology, Our Brains Continue Shrinking

FACT Because of Technology, Our Brains Continue Shrinking

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Did you know that humans experience significant brain size reduction within 20,000 years? This reduction of brain size is actually good, because once a large human brain was relied upon to process information around it in using tools and learning communication.

As the times progressed, the human brain lost the size of the brain more or less as big as a baseball ball. The cause is that the human body also gradually shrinks from age to age and begins to rely on technology as a tool for daily life. But Does the brain shrink is a bad thing?

FACT: Due to Technology, Our Brains Continue Shrinking

Brain Decreases Good Signs

How can the brain that shrinks just a good sign? Actually shrinkage that occurs in the brain is a matter of evolution that is not unique and occurs in many cases of living things, including animals. Increasing the level of intelligence of a person resulted in him not needing a big brain like that owned by humans in ancient times.

All that because modern humans already have technology outside the body that is reliable, so he does not have to store and remember all the information in the brain but simply store the information to other media such as smartphones and computers.

But we also need to be aware that technologies like the internet should not interfere with productivity and should we treat as an extension of the hand. Therefore, here are 5 tips to make you better in using the internet, as explained by LinkedIn.

5 Tips to Make Life Better By Using the Internet

Eliminate the chaos. Feel free to delete any emails you value is not important. It also applies to SMS and contact lists on smartphones so your life can be a bit more organized.
Post notifications for topics you like. This is true if you need access and quick news on a particular topic. Do not forget to subscribe to the site you need so you can get quick info about what you want.
Try to work with applications over the web. Sure we are now difficult apart from the internet name. but for things like check email, write, and even design images there are many applications that can be relied on both PC and smartphone. The existence of the application makes you more focused because it is not disturbed by the temptation to open other sites that are not important.
Stop checking emails, apps, and notifications. At first glance, this point seems to contradict the previous points, but you need to know that checking notifications often makes life unstable and unfocused. Arrange the right time to check your email regularly so you do not have to check it over and over again.
Learn to focus. Train yourself to focus is quite difficult, but it can be realized if you are trying to get used to doing everything in an organized manner. No need to hurry, but constant is the key.

That's information about the influence of technology on the human brain following tips in using the internet to be more productive and better.

Source: LinkedIn

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